Tuesday, May 4, 2010


UPDATE from the Fortress of Fear, Spooksville USA:

In the interest of having something regular to blog about in the face of many a blog-less evening I have devised a plan of a most devious nature. I am going to start a sub-blog series following the history of horror as it was presented to me as a young man of 8 years old and, all be it, from a later point in the game than it's initial origin. I am going to review and comment on films that presented themselves on the covers of FANGORIA MAGAZINE (in Technicolor... or just in chronological order)!

FANGORIA MAGAZINE... official site

Why Fangoria? I already told you why, it was the foremost in horror news whilst I was growing from a young pupi to a the artful (debatable) horror host you see before you. I may venture into Gorezone or one of the other splendid periodicals of putrefaction, but I'd like to gain some structure in those off putting moments where I can't think of a single thing to write and don't want to go for the exceptionally random. Watching Julia & Julie with the future Mrs. Terror was an influence... damn :stutter stutter stutter: culture. It seems to me that there are 238 spectacular Fangoria magazines to cover and I could probably analyze one movie from each cover in a years time (and yes, again, we will try to do some Gorezone too).

Julia & Julie: The Trailer... ooooo... scary

I'm not starting tonight because I haven't properly watched the first movie on the list in it's original form... EVER... What movie is that kiddies and creeps? GOD-FUCKING-ZILLA! It's the best way to start. It's the only way to start (unless of course we do a Universal creature feature review which we may just do around Halloween). Godzilla... coming soon to a blog near you (this blog near you). I'm going to try to read what Fangoria had written about the legacy of the rubber suited warrior etc. and push out something remotely ... Terror M.D.

GODIZILLA TOYS... to celebrate the new blog segment

How is this all possible you may ask? The power of google and the power of ... the "darkside" have lead me to a fair amount of the old issues. Considering the Fangoria warehouse burned to the ground (conspiracy, scam... sounds like a Tales from the Crypt re-run to me) it's a pleasure to have a group of dedicated electronic sea farers to allow us a peak at Fangoria's panties. Akitsu and Oneshadythug... warriors of the seas. Also the people at will be assisting us (if unwillingly).

The Many Covers of Fangoria Magazine... my inspiration :tear:

I want to reiterate that this will be a "segment" if you will on the horror host highway... we can give it a name. Let's find something with the letter "F" in it for alliteration purposes and something that is a throw back to a horror host for the ages... Fangoria Fright Night (not quite starring Peter Vincent, but imagine me with Roddy McDowell's accent when you read the reviews). Fright Night has a tremendous history as a horror hosting venture from several locations, but of course the 80's film is a throwback to my childhood. So think of your favorite pipe organ spook-aholic scare music and then imagine it performed at a baseball stadium... and you'll have "IT'S NOW TIME FOR FANGORIA FRIGHT NIGHT WITH DR. JAMES P. TERROR" :in a somewhat over dramatic, vampiric brogue: and a couple of rubber bats flying in the corners of the television.

Peter Vincent from FRIGHT NIGHT

KCTV's Friday Fright Night Intro

Welcome to Fright Night with Seymore... on Channel... NINE!
Even more Fright Night... on CHANNEL NINE!

Sufficiently dramatic, retro, horror hosty and camp? You bet! Not a format change, just a new piece of fun and super retro cool. I've got a thousand ideas for the BOH but this seemed to be the most legal until we hire bouncers.

Again, thank you to the future Mrs. Terror, Julia frickin' Child, Peter Vincent, Starlogue and the founder of the feast indeed... Godzilla (Tokyo, get ready for some Frank's Redhot up on that piece).

-Terror Report with Dr. Jimmy

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