Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Day 19 of the 30 Day Horror Challenge: The Devils Inside, The Devils Inside, Every Single One of Us the Devils Inside

Day 19 - Your favorite horror film involving the powers of Hell or Satanism –

“Hold my hand. It's like touching the dead, isn't it?”

I have vacillated on this three separate times. I have gone back and forth and back and forth. My first choice was Rosemary’s Baby because I love Mia Farrow, the story line down right creepy, the music is satanic and Roman Polanski isn’t such a bad guy once you get around his personal history. Oh yea, and when I was kid watching Stephen King’s World of Horror and they played the end sequence I freaked the fuck out even before I saw the movie. The entire movie is nothing but a build up to the end. Also, gave me great one liners to shout at pregnant women.

Next choice Night of the Demon/Curse of the Demon. I wrote a whole blog about this one based on a recommendation from Phil Anselmo of Pantera from Because of that blog I fell in love with this picture, bought myself a Fright Rags T with the poster on it and have been telling me non-horror fans that it will scare the piss out of them if they can get around the poorly executed costume design of said demon (which shouldn’t have been in the movie but is certainly iconic). I love this picture the more I read about it and the more I find it referenced in more modern films. It certainly challenged the Christian belief system in England at the time and gave you a brief glimpse into Satanic or Pagan customs and those were illegal in that nation until more recently than should have been tolerated.

Our last movie, the movie that won this category is The Devils from 1971 (just post summer of love). I’m not sure I really believe this is a horror picture. I guess if Mark of the Devil is a horror film than so is this. Oliver Reed will always put you in a creepy mood as would Udo Kier in Mark of the Devil. If you haven’t seen this movie than you don’t know what you’re missing, but I would hazard to say that if you haven’t seen this movie there are any number of disclaimers that should be read and followed if you are to keep you tight knit world from unraveling. It’s got the goods and by the goods I mean some very controversial material that is ultra sexy and well… fucked. Just fucked up. Wrong is the incorrect word because it serves to inspire, rebel and turn on. Closest non horror relative of this one would be Caligula and that was put out by Penthouse.

This picture clearly inspired some scenes in the Exorcist which didn’t come along until 1973. You know, the Fuck Me Jesus scene?… seems to have come straight out of the Devils. Also, the spider walk down the stairs?… The Devils. Nuns raping statues of Christ. Priest seducing nuns and other women and in the name of God. Even when Oliver Reed confesses to his “sins” he isn’t truly remorseful (and you wouldn’t be either if you saw these Ms. Hottie nuns in their dirty habits (pun!). The whole story revolves around the conflict between Protestants and Catholics in France. Having resolved religious differences and come to a peace, the religious rulers in set forth to establish new religious morale and enforce laws only to uncover a seedy, blasphemous underbelly lain in the aftermath of conflicts of faith. To resolve the conflict of faith and moral righteousness enter… THE INQUISITION! (or an inquisition… or at something no one should have expected but who’s elements of fear and surprise are an obvious plot device to get the blood an boobs a-flowin’).

Maybe the reason I love this films so much is because it flips the MPAA the bird. It takes every rating system and says, “whatcha ya gonna do!? Censor me?” Of course it has to be censored, but ya know what? You’re not gonna touch me because I don’t care. Then the movie sticks its tongue out at the censor only to be spanked vehemently by the Producer to whip it into shape to get it into a few theatres. The best part is that it goes on to wins awards, get some pretty terrible reviews and is labeled a movie for Satanists and perverts. I agree with all of the above and to the best possible end… people can’t wait to see the Big Bad Film that calls God a cocksucker and makes you wanna go to church for purely sexual reasons. It’s even got an actor who would later star in Quills which also has hints of religious intolerance and inquisitorial revenge.

A good inquisitions scene will show you just enough to make you squirm. This is no different. The way they torture the fuck out of Oliver Reed is a well done combination of show and tell. More seduction than outright brutal visual punishment which really flies in the face of the rest of the pictures gratuity. Gratuity, by the by, to be used henceforth in the most positive way possible just as torture porn has been used in Dr. Terror’s writings before in the most positive light possible. I don’t think I want to ruin all the goodies. I think I may have already, but there’s probably more than I can even recall directly. I think even though I’ve ruined quite a few of them that a. seeing is believing and b. a picture is worth a thousand words. Go see what I left out. You won’t be bored. You may be turned on. Most likely you’ll have to confess to something afterward just hope that you’re priest isn’t dear old Oliver Reed (unless you’ve been listening to too much Type O Negative and need the power of Christ to compel you).

I was very surprised to learn that masturbation with a turkey baster can absolve you of your sins. That’s all I’m sayin’ for now. Oooo ooo except Oliver Reed as Christ getting sucked upon by luscious woman… Kinda hot. Lotta hot. Ken Russell did Tommy and Altered States so go see those two fine pictures as well.

-Dr. “Going to Hell in a Hand Basket” Terror

P.S. ” Sin can be caught as easily as the plague.”… Keep your friends close, but the devils closer. If you wake up with hairy palms you can blame the doctor. Best idea for this one is to eat some baby cow, listen to "Number of the Beast" by Iron Maiden and mix your scotch with holy water.

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