Friday, April 8, 2011

Day 7 of the 30 Day Horror Challenge: Ghost Story or Excuse Me, I Must Change My Underwear Now

Day 07 - Your favorite supernatural horror film –


What’s my favorite supernatural horror film? It’s Peter Straub’s Ghost Story of course. Did I ever read the book? No. But I did see it on my father’s book shelf as a kid. I remember the commercials on television for its premier on WPIX Channel 11. Haunting. Creepy music. The title sequence displayed quite prominently in the commercial with that announcer’s voice who would guide me to various movies throughout my childhood. I loved WPIX and the announcer that got me to ask my father to tape it (it was on toooooo late for me… way past my bed time). Bed time bed damned I watched this flick so often and never knew what it was about because they cut the thing up for content. So goes the story of the youth of my discontent (or edited discontent).

I watched bits and pieces, never fully grasping the movie as a whole. I really just enjoyed select scenes and the haunting introduction. The music was eerie and the haunted house sequences had me stoked, but there was a whole lotta adult plot that I probably wasn’t prepared for. Fast forward. Dr. Terror turns twenty eight, watches Ghost Story again and almost has what one might call a nightmare. It’s Patricia Neal’s fault. She a hottie. She gets lots of naked. She has a voice perfect for… A BORG. Delicate like a flower or a razor blade or a worm in your decaying brain eating your gray matter.

That bridge sequence gets me ever time. I know that that old man is going to approach the figure on the bridge. I know he’s going to try and turn her, and I further know that when he doe turn said figure that said figure will be a corpse. A freaky fucking corpse that inspires a jump scare that’s actually worthy of all the jump scares you hate to endure. Double death sequence. Double creepy.

I won’t ruin this particular entry with my little soliloquy on the plot. You don’t need me to me to fuck up Straub’s plot device though I realize that I am quite content to fuck up plenty of other plot devices, but I urge you to watch this one. Its got gothic written all over it, and I don’t mean a bunch of kids wearing black nail polish listening to Christian Death smoking clove cigarettes neither. Save that for the Hunger you scurvy dogs (or black cats… as you may prefer to be called you sensitive type people).

Maybe one of the least remembered, underrated scores for a horror picture. That’s a good enough reason for you to watch it again just to prove me wrong I’m certain.

–Dr. Terror (scared to death of Patricia Neal)

PS. Here’s the scene that fucks me up… still fucks me up even though I know it’s coming… enjoy creepies!

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