Saturday, April 30, 2011

What's Your Favorite Holocaust?... HUDSON HORROR SHOW III: TALE OF TWO HOLOCAUSTS!!!

We’re two weeks to the night from the Hudson Horror Show. I’m slowly immersing myself in the marathon culture of 35mm films brought to you by various groups. I’ve written a little bit about my experienced at the Exhumed 24 Hour Marathons and while this one is a little shorter I think it’s well worth the drive to Poughkeepsie, NY to see some great folks teaming up to put on a great marathon. I love a good road trip and these movies, these fans, this experience will clearly be worth it from what the good social network du jour is saying.

Before we get into the movies let’s autopsy the Hudson Horror Show. Its put on as a collaboration between Hudson Horror Show, Grindhouse Releasing, Cinema Overdrive, Aquarius Releasing and Vagrancy Films. Grindhouse Releasing has put out a few gems you may be aware of ala Cannibal Holocaust, Pieces and the Beyond (that’s the short short short list folks). Cinema Overdrive shows true grindhouse genre classics to fans once a month or so. Recent showings were Assault on Precinct 13 and Thou Shalt Not Kill… Except and will be showing Ms. 45 and Phantom of Paradise in July (few more in between HHS and then, but those two stood out). Aquarius Releasing distributes quite a few well known titles as well. Filmography according to IMDB includes Faces of Death, Silent Night Deadly Night, Cannibal Ferox and Sex and the French School Girl (That’s a Christmas present idea for the good Doctor). Vagrancy Releasing promotes 35mm showings and, of course, Shock Stock in Canada. I’ll be throwing you some links to their respective websites so you have masturbation material for after you finish not reading this blog.

Aquarius Releasing Filmography

Cinema Overdrive Site

Grindhouse Releasing Site

Vagrancy Films Site

So this will be the third one. Let’s run through the past entries into the Hudson
Horror Show:



Do you see those names? Do you see the cool shit their doing for fans by doing a short contest? Twenty six dollars for a ticket to see your classics in 35mm, in a theatre with smelly borderline obese men (speculative). This is better than the second hand titty bar down the street where you can spend thirty bucks to… strike that. We do not discuss the donkey show anymore. Legalities.

I’ve never been to this great and grand event, but I can assure you that these guys put out a poster like this out of love. Come one, come all. I’ll be on my way up from Jersey early Saturday morning. I’ll be snorting popcorn off my dash and mainlining Rockstar Energy drinks the whole time.

For more info go here (and you better fucking do it or the Cenobites will come out of the walls or something).


Also, as a primer for the event, here’s what I expect from each of the films being shown. Call this a little preshow run down or whatever makes you feel good and helps me to justify writing.

Doctor Butcher MD aka Zombie Holocaust: I predict zombies… no wait… cannibals. Must be cannibals. No wait… zombies again. Maybe zombies this time? Haven’t actually seen this one… the only one on the roster, but it’s infamous for this “communication error”.

Alligator: People will cheer a lot. When they cheer I will also be cheering. I will also be crying when those nasty boys throw that smaller into the pool and said boy gets eaten by the alligator. I will also cry when that fuckhead doctor rationalizes animal testing. Immediately following that I will eat MEAT!

Cannibal Holocaust: I will eat MEAT! Turtle meat. It’s festive right? The soundtrack alone will be the audience to its feet. Vomit bags ready? Vomitting in unison is encouraged as it minimizes that auditory impact on the picture.

The Bird with the Crystal Plumage: I predict black gloves and a shiny knife. That is all. Oh and fancy music. Fancy like a sailor.

Return of the Living Dead: It’s party time! Linnea Quigley will be naked (truly from the waist up but we have imaginations or so the Muppet Babies told me so). I may or may not have a bucket of popcorn on my lap. Wanna share? Then… meat! No wait… no meat. BRAINS! (but kindly remember the Misfits would prefer Guts… thank you).

Can wait to see you there or… CENOBITES! You have been warned.

-Dr. Terror