Sunday, May 8, 2011

How To Make A Horror Host Pt. 2: Vampira

I can’t say more than what’s been said about this lady of the night (meant in the horror hostess kind of way… not the prostitute kind of way). I can barely show you more than what you’ve already seen with regard to Vampira. Perhaps, maybe… even writing this and posting these images will stir up the whole infringement memorandum that seems to follow anything Vampira related. But I’d steal every picture I could of her, I’d print them all on billboards for you if I had money to burn and copyrights under my arm.

I love suspense especially when it involves cease and desist orders and unjustified lawsuits. The smell of a suit is sweet. Here it is. The first of many pictorial tributes to the great horror hosts in television/media history. Please feel free to narrate this history as you see fit… play the Misfits song that takes her namesake. I’ll even include it for you.

This is a little picture book of some moments from the good, the bad and the ugly of Vampira's past as well as a sort of...evolution into what we see today as the fruits of her labors (in one form or another).

VAMPIRA!!! (come a little bit closer to me)

-Dr. Terror is truly a Grave Robber from Outer Space for Vampira.

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