Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Bride of Return of the Living Dead - 30 Day Horror Film Challenge STRIKES BACK! Day 14

Day 14: Favorite zombie –

I like my zombie's pierced and tattooed. I like when my zombies ride on the back of a motorcycle with reckless abandon for their lives. I like short shorts on my zombies. I also like red head zombies. Um... what I'm trying to say is that ever since that fateful Fangoria cover I have been in love with Mindy Clarke or Melinda as she's called now (back then it was all Mindy all the time).

What's not to love about Return of the Living Dead 3? It's a sequel to one of the funniest and most homage paying zombie flick this side of Romero or Shaun of the Dead for that matter. Brian Yuzna... yes that Brian Yuzna. Trioxin. Brains. Zombie cyborgs with feelings and somewhat emotionally aware. Um... modern zombie punk circa 1993. If the original Return of the Living Dead captured the punk movement in the mid-80's part 3 is clearly a time capsule to the 90's. The movie is great, but the reason I love it so god damn much has to do with its star.

Melinda Clarke (don't call her Mindy) is a fantastic, psycho sexual zombie freak! She's so punk she's even snorted Trioxin, dude! I love the way she uses piercing to make the pain go away. I suppose that's why we all get 'em right? That or they look bitchin'. We saw so many early ROTLD zombie's suffer using only brains to dull the pain. Julie Walker is actually trying to do something about it! This is truly a case of star crossed zombies. The way this flick ends, she goes down in flames with her man. Somebody get Tammy Wynette to hum a few bars eh?

Tammy Wynette... hot.

Tribute to Return of the Living Dead (Girl):


Love this film. Love this sexy punk zombie.

-Dr. Terror

P.S. Son of Celluloid and I independently chose the same fuckin' zombie as our favorite! I have enjoyed this blog thoroughly, this entry being no exception and confirms that this is a must follow blog for people who are Doctors of Terror.

Son of Celluloid Motherfuckers!

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