Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Brundle Fly Translator Better Than a Swatter - 30 Day Horror Film Challenge STRIKES BACK! Day 21

Day 21: Character you would need a translator to speak to –

Seth Brundle post-Fly conversion.

I have searched for human to fly translators and fly to human translators. They are not available on Google. They do not come up in any search enging I have scouted (that means one doesn't come up as a search engine result on Google).

It has come time to ask a very important question: Do I actually have anything to say to Seth Brundle (Brundle Fly Bitches)? No. No I don't. Why? Seth Brundle (Brundle Fly) is very very very dead. Perhaps one of the saddest endings in a horror/sci fi history. Maybe it's Gina Davis getting all emotional. Maybe it's the sight of that poor guy's melted hand (don't eat the marinara). Maybe it's the little chirp Brundle fly makes after being combined with an inanimate object.

The reason to want to know what Seth is saying is to better understand his dying moment. When the human fly puts the shot gun to its head... what are its actual thoughts? I know. I know. Kill me, right? I just want to hear the inflection in the fly-human accent. Maybe it would work like a GPS. It could translate into any accent I chose.

Insect to human translators must be at least ten years off. Killing bugs would present a problem if you knew what they were saying. Or maybe it would be too easy to kill even more bugs. All you'd hear all day long... FOOD FOOD FOOD PROTECT THE QUEEN FOOD FOOD FOOD FOOD VOMIT FOOD FOOD FOOD SWATTER!

Just remember that bugs have a heart too. I actually cannot say that scientifically they have an organ that would be the bug equivalent of a heart, but you get the picture. You gotta use your words. You gotta listen. Seth Brundle could have been a contender if Gina Davis only understood the You, Me and the baby concept. Maybe a fly to human translator would have assisted in getting the synthesis juices a-flowin'.

-Dr. Terror.