Friday, June 10, 2011

C'mon Mears... Let Her Bite You! 30 Day Horror Film Challenge STRIKES BACK! - Day Eleven

Day 11: Vamp you would let bite you –

Susan Norton from Salem's Lot. You know when she seduces Ben Mears at the end of the Tobe Hooper classic? You know when she thinks she's got him in her clutches and he's all swoony and you think he's falling for her. You know when you realize she's a vamp because her eyes have "vamped" into mirror vision terror eyes? I'd let the lady bite me.

Couple reasons behind this strange selection (you thought I was going to say something more like Jessica Hamby from True Blood or maybe Santanico Pandemonium, right?) Susan Norton is hot. I believe we have a addressed this in a previous 30 Day Challenge if I'm not mistaken. Susan Norton is a very nice lady. Susan Norton may be a vampire, but what if she truly does love Ben Mears? Wouldn't it be nice to have someone with you eternally as a vamp lover? Sure. So whether I'm Ben Mears in Salem's Lot or Joe Blow walking down the street (which I am you know... Dr. Blow) I'm letting Susan Norton bite me.

Ben Mears... Fearless Vampire Killer by Day, Pussy Marauder by Night:

It's always the innocent types that leaves marks though. Now just imagine for a second... (bare with me) that Susan Norton is more like Holly McClane from Die Hard. Let's imagine she's one fearless, gutsy vamp. More like Linda Hamilton than a wall flower. What do you say then? Confident Susan Norton with a whole lotta sass... hot right? I guess since Bonnie Bedelia the thought is justified.

All I gotta say is boy is Ned Tebbets gonna be pissed when he reads this.

-Dr. Terror

Post Script: if you're worried about how Ned Tebbets' reaction to the Doctor's blog this evening, please rest your mind at ease. Mr. Barlow pretty much ate Tebbets in a smokey, grunty suck fuck session whilst in jail. It made the best sound!

Here let's listen (By the by... I still jump at this scene):

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