Thursday, June 30, 2011

Do You Ever Fantasize About Being Killed? - 30 Day Horror Film Challenge STRIKES BACK! Day 28

Day 28: Character you most enjoyed seeing get naked –

Trash Return of the Living Dead. I think we can break this one up into a five penny opera (that'a s nickel opera folks). Here goes:

Do you ever fantasize about being killed? Well then it must be time to dance around a cemetery naked. Never had a line been more adequately created for a ringtone.

Flash Dance Trash (Thanks you SSQ for bringing back images of Silent Night Deadly Night to a hornball teen):

Reason 347 not to dance a graveyard naked... acid rain:

Judgement day or... self fulfilling prophecy or... Every Trash Has Her Day.

Zombie... errr Trash in Vaudeville:


Important moments in fan tribute (Spanish word bubble edition):

And of course... there's always this:

It's not really Trash being naked that gets me on this one. It's the dance. The fact that she runs around the cemetery naked until she finally dies. Plenty of ladies were up for this day. Trash plus SSQ = BRAINS!

-Dr. Terror


  1. Need to find out if Return of the Living Dead 3 (the naughtier Brit version) is available in the US?

  2. What's different between the Brit version and the American release? I adore Mindy Clarke.

  3. There are lines you put into a story or film in order to keep things making sense to the audience. There are lines you put into a story or film in order to amuse your audience, or make them think you are "cool". And then there are lines you put into the story or film because you just happen to be that awesome. "Do you ever fantasise... about being killed?" is, much like too many lines in RoboCop to name or pretty much every line in Repo Man, an example of the third kind.

  4. the whole exposition of asking a person do you ever fantasize about being killed
    is quite disturbing to say for those with suicidal intendancies and this scene explains
    it where trash ask spider that very question and he says no I don't think about it
    then she continues about there's many different way's of dying violently as she kneels up
    an initiate tearing her top off after saying being eaten alive by a bunch of old men
    then she approaches this plinth and starts dancing to originally nasty girl by vanity
    replaced by tonight (we make love until we die ) by SSQ that became the scoring
    of the resurrection of trash as the naked zombie in which she had an prosthetic
    over her vaginal area to comply with censoring rules according to actor Brian Peck
    the constant of most of the series said he almost had an accident with an flare whilst
    goofing off in the cemetery watching trash doing the spontaneous strip dance to say that
    actress Linnea Quigley had an blast doing it and she became an sex symbol as an sexy
    zombie in horror history and people loved her for that scene in the film and lead to fan
    concept drawings and stand alone merchandise and fans now dress up as her at conventions
    and horror film festivals to this very day .