Thursday, June 30, 2011

Just Tell 'Em To Call You Billie - Day Horror Film Challenge STRIKES BACK! Day 27

Day 27: Character you most enjoyed seeing get killed

Wilma The Crate Creepshow. I'm not sure if I enjoyed the comic book kill scene or the Adrienne Barbeau scene more. Both clearly have their pluses. Let's briefly discuss why this is my favorite kill scene and why there might be two different versions of the same kill that have very different memories for me.

I saw Creepshow when I was a kid. Way too young to even consider watching a Rated R movie, but my father let me watch it and he's clearly a parental advisor so it was a blessing. I didn't know who Adrienne Barbeau was. I hadn't really seen her in Swamp Thing yet and I hadn't seen the fog. My dad always reminded me of how nice her ta ta's were. Strange coversation to have with your dad at age 6 or so. I guess that's why I'm a boob man (or am I?).

Hearing Wilma Northup's voice at that cocktail party was no Godsend. In fact I despise it (just as Romero, King and Barbeau had intended). She's cheap. She's kinda slutty. Foul mouthed. Trash. This is perfect. This is a character I can fall in love with (did we mention that Adrienne Barbeau is mega super hot... even in Carnival when she got older). They build up false death after false death and then give you the goods when Henry Northup finally comes through with a little help. Boy do they deliever. Comic book back drop with bright red lighting. "Just tell 'em to call you Billie"... Damn you Hal Holbrook for being a genius actor. Damn you!

Did anyone notice the way Fluffy seems to say "Thank You" to the camera/Henry? Is that intentional? As in, "Thanks for the lunch" or "I really wanted her to shut up too, but that insult about wearing balls for earrings is pretty funny :gurgle, slurp, slop:. I liked the social aspect of the Fluffy/Wilma meeting. Hell, which one of us hasn't wanted told a lie to our significant other in order to get them into the area underneath a set of stairs to have them consumed by a creature discovered during an Arctic expedition in 1834.

Wake up. Feeding time. Turn it up to Volume 11.

So the comicbook version i.e. the graphic novel... why would that version even factor in beyond the "novelty" of owning the Creepshow comicbook? Because you can see Wilma's nipple when Fluffy eats her. Nuff said.

Try not to toss your cookies at this one:

I love this death. Second place might go to the faux Thanksgiving trailer girl on a trampoline, knife up the split snatch. Third place, Francesca Ciardi better known as Faye Daniels from Cannibal Holocaust (due to the controversy and the great rape to decapitiation sequence). I could go on. Let's stop.

I say again, Feeding time.

-Dr. Terror

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