Thursday, June 23, 2011

Over the Hills and Far Away - 30 Day Horror Film Challenge STRIKES BACK! Day 23

Day 23: Biggest WTF moment a character placed themselves into -

I am a beautiful woman. I am going to go vacation, far away from the city, before the existence of cell phones and talk to strange men that should be in prison or in cages. My name is Jennifer Hills, and I might as well have placed myself in the Twilight Zone for the complete mind fuck of a place I wandered into. Your traveling into another dimension... a place not only of rape and rednecks but of revenge. You're next stop... the Grave... one on which somebody would surely spit.

From the opening sequence of the original Day of the Woman film I was slapping my head saying, "Stay in the car. Don't talk to that gas station attendant. Don't tell them YOU'RE ALONE!" And she pretty much did all those things despite my gentle coaxing from beyond the screen. No, it is definitely not Jennifer Hills fault. Anyone who blames Miss Hills needs to be sure and return to the fraternity or football locker room immediately (man, I can be harsh). I just absolutely couldn't believe the bread crumbs laid down right to her vacation house door.

Granted the hillbilly retards have home field advantage. They have a speed boat. They control the food lines in and out of her vacation destination. They are masters of disguise (if you call hangin' around a gas station a disguise). They are cunning... ok, they are not cunning. They simply have the numbers (all though not for long). I know it's the very point of the movie. Woman is raped. Survives. Revenges her little heart out. I still gasp when she falls into their poorly lain trap. I still yell at the screen or rather I've learned to keep my thoughts to myself but psychically will her to turn around.

Only second to this when Mari Collingwood approaches Junior Stillo for grass. That's a big no no. That's a huge no no. I know it was the 70's and all, but the summer of love was in '69. Now that's a What the Fuck moment. You have two of the "most shocking movies ever made on my top what the fucks. I probably also have to go with the police chief turned ventriloquist dummy in Killer Klowns from Outer Space. Didn't see that coming at all. I also happen to be a fan of the scene in Dolls where Judy's mommy gets it or maybe where one of the British punk rock girls discovers they other has been turned into a doll. Fuck! Too many good ones.

Jennifer Hills wins. I think she gets the raw deal on this whole thing. She's a smart, savvy woman. She just ends up on the wrong side of the neck... the redneck.

-Dr. Jimmy Terror

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