Thursday, June 30, 2011

We don't need a stretcher in there. We need a mom! 30 Day Horror Film Challenge STRIKES BACK! Day 29

Day 29: Least favorite character –

Marge Thompson of Nightmare on Elm Street. It's not just because she's a bad parent. She doesn't listen to Nancy. She betrays Nancy's trust. She gets herself good and loaded while her daughter's life is torn to shreds by a man in a red and green sweater.

Basically Marge Thompson plays the image of a mother very well and falls well short of being the caring devoted parent she should be. Especially after a child murderer was torched by her years before who has now returned to kill her only child. Who kills a child murderer and doesn't brag about it to their kids or use it as the threat of a punishment. "Did you know that when you were just a little baby mommy killed a man who would hurt little boys and girls just like you." or "If you don't take out the fuckin' trash right now I'll go dig up Fred Kruger and have him shove his blades so far up your ass you won't sit for the rest of your god damn life... and I buried the motherfucker!"

At first, when I was much younger, I actually got upset when Nancy's mom died. I was confused about the whole burning in bed and then sinking into the bed in a cloud of smoke followed by having her ripped through the front window. I loved that scene. I loved to watch Marge Thompson die. Maybe there was something in my innate childhood brain that said don't like Marge. She's the kind of mother who doesn't give you cookies with your milk because they have too much sugar in them even though milk can contain all kinds of sick twat shite.

So for that I dislike her. She's a sloppy drunk. She bars Nancy's window (and I root for Nancy even though I know how the whole thing turns out). She has a bad relationship with John Saxon... he's so cool, how's that even possible? Now I watch the movie say to myself "Don't you try to save her John Saxon... Don't you dare".

This clip has the added bonus of having Freddy's nursery rhyme in German:

I'm glad she dies. I'm glad she gets pulled through the front door window. Nancy deserves a better mother.


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