Sunday, June 19, 2011

Who's the Jigsaw-iest of them all? - 30 Day Horror Film Challenge STRIKES BACK! Day 19

Day 19: Character you were surprised was the killer -

I was baffled. Who could have seen the dead guy on the floor coming? I suppose other, smarter doctors would have diagnosed the situation with relative ease. Not I. No sir, madam. I'm still trying to figure out how Jigsaw planted himself in the middle of a locked room in front of the first puzzle with which we would become acquainted.

The point of this blog here is that Jigsaw and countless other horror movie villains/heros are smarter then yours truly. That's the way they were written (or in the words of the illustrious Gaga, they were born that way). James Wan put forth an amazing effort in the first installment of Saw. So good that it became Halloween tradition to see a new sequel. Yes, it's true that we "knew" who Jigsaw was throughout the entire movie, but that he was right before our very eyes having as much star time as the Carrie Elwes... that's just proposterous.

Tobin Bell... great choice to head up the soon to be franchise. His voice is like a whisper in your ear telling you to appreciate your life while his actions are methodical, calculated... spider-like, but he's a spider that wants to see his prey live. I always wondered that. It's more of an assumption that Jigsaw cares whether his participants live or die, right? He just gives them the choice. Does he actually care about the outcome? He's got nothing to gain or lose from it. Just more prankster esque games to plan. More traps.

Hi I'm a cancer patient. Hi I want everyone to appreciate the life they have in spite of the horrendous circumstances that have lead them this far. Do I want them to live or die? I want them simply to do what they will do. I am Jigsaw, hand of fate (like Manos). Wind of change (enter the Scorpions). ... Is this how Jigsaw thinks? Like a computer. He lies on the floor of that underground, white tiled room. Waiting for the game to unfold. When it finally comes to a head. He stands up and walks out, trapping his participants. Just waiting for the next trap? Hoping for their death?

Ending of the original SAW

Jigsaw is dead. Long live Jigsaw.

-Dr. Terror... fan of torture porn, no matter what you've heard.


  1. Ok man, that's 3. This is getting weird now. Are you sure you're not just fucking with my head now?

  2. Lol. I wrote this list May 31st and with the exception of changing my pick for Vamp to bite me (from Jessice from True Blood) I haven't deviated. It's just fate and good taste in movies. Interesting enough I don't even read your entries until I'm finished just in case there's a crossover. This is telepathy on a very Fulci level. lol.

    What's even weirder is that we both reference dog's in our "Who you could save from death". Good call on that!