Wednesday, July 6, 2011

F is for Fright, B is for Bytes; Blood Roasted Fright Bytes - Enjoy with Milk.

Say thank you to Lianne Spiderbaby. Make sure you go to her Facebook page and let her know just how much you like her bi-monthly (or so) horror news and history lesson, FRIGHT BYTES. Send chocolates. Whatever it is you do to thank somebody, make sure you do it for her. Let's get down to the nitty and the gritty of what makes this fright really bite and by bite I mean with teeth into your fucking face.

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Fright Bytes started back in April 2010 as a sort of horror news reel consisting both present/new releases and explorations of classic exploitation/B/grindhouse films. Its host/co-creator is Lianne Spiderbaby, writer for our beloved Fangoria, who, alongside Jay 3KB famous for his web work, have given a news audio visual portal into our favorite genre. The installments thus far (six in all) have been subdivided diametrically into the new cinema and old cinema, the more current history leading off the webisode followed by the segment Diary of the Deuce which lends itself to the aforementioned, more historic films often inclusive of an interview a Jack or Jill of cult cinema.

Ms. Spiderbaby's guests as of episode six have included Tomb Dragomir (ala Rue Morgue), Dyanne Thorne (ILSA!)and the gentle maniac, Sid Haig. Steve, Lianne's bro, has made somewhat regular appearances on Bytes and adds his expertise and commentary. Perhaps my favorite guest thus far has been Reese Eveneshen, director of Dead Genesis and who is responsible for making a very special zombie intro for Fright Bytes 5: Zombie Apocolypse. Reviews and commentary thus far have touched on Scream 4, Insidious, the genre Giallo and Canada's own Shock Stock.

Make sure to check out these gifts... that's right... these webisodes are gifts ripe for Turner Classic Movies or AMC. If you love the old stuff, Diary of a Deuce is a great trip down memory lane and will have you half way down your wife's blouse at the drive-in. If you dig the new scene, than you'll find out what's happenin' and maybe catch up on all those movies you missed while you were sitting through the latest Lord of the Rings pre-sequel-reboot (learn your film history suckas!).

Fright Bytes 5: Zombie Apocalypse

As the title of this blog suggests, part of your balanced breakfast(and hopefully Ms. Spiderbaby's book-in-progress Grindhouse Girls will replace your morning paper soon enough).

-Dr. Jimmy Terror

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