Monday, July 4, 2011

HUSK - Deep Thoughts With A Jersey Corn Poke.

I gotta say that the trailer for Husk had me goin' there for a bit. Good look. Cornfield. Slasher flick. Children of the Corn? Without the children? Maybe Young Adults In Their Early Twenties of the Corn? I really didn't know where it was going. Creepy kids... this is where it went.

For a non-Giallo film this one was shot with a whole bunch of yellow in mind. Maybe that's the corn coming through the celluloid. I'm thinking to myself: Cheap modern horror flick. Texas Chainsaw Rip off without the chainsaw. Again, Children of the Corn Redux ad infineum. And you know something? It's none of those exactly which is an absolute pleasure. I don't know if its right up there with as a slasher classic mid-west nightmare, but it's gonna make a nice impression with the new horror kids on the block.

Husk is a beautifully shot film. That yellow I was talking about earlier really gives it a warm feeling. Down home. Midwestern. Corn. Cornfield. Get me? It's a dark picture so make sure you don't try to .avi pirate this or you'll lose half the kill sequences in the compression. What a hard way to find out that piracy is wrong. This one's worth getting on Netflix or... dare I say it... purchasing. With the over saturation of indy horror (for better and for worse) it's hard to commit to a purchase at $15-$20 a pop. This is worth it. Even maybe buy a used copy.

Our protagnists are kids.Dumb kids. Some would say naive I prefer dumb. You knew that. They're kids in a horror film. Only 5% of any of them can have a brain by typical brain to boob ratio. This is no exception. Their mistake: Being there. Wrong place. Wrong time. I guess it begs the question, "when is the right time to be in a cornfield?" Only correct answer: Corn maze right before Halloween in a overly lit, well traveled arena. So there's a killer behind the rows. Been there, but the plot twist on this is nifty. I'm not gonna say it aloud, but it's kind of like mono spreading through a college door during freshman year away from the rents for the first time.

You have to love the brutality of these film makers. As part of the After Dark series you'd expect nothing less. These films are known for giving the independent gorehound their go at cinema. Their passion shows through on film. It's a cut above earlier After Dark entries in production value and acting quality. If you have seen these kids before you'll enjoy them in movies to come. Brett Simmons gives us something that is sequel worthy. More so than say, Hatchet (I swear I wish I liked Hatchet because it does good things for horror).

In closing, I live in New Jersey. We don't just kill people in our corn fields... we throw 'em on the grill and serve 'em to New Yorkers at farm stands and call them cider dogs. There's Terror in the Rows. There's Blood on the corn stalks. Valiant effort and at least gives the viewer something to think about beyond He Who Walks Behind the Rows and Night of the Scarecrow.

It's almost corn season in Jersey. Slap yourself together a cheeseburger with jalapenos and those fucking amazing new Hamburger Bacon Ruffles chips, slather some butter on the ears and salt 'em till your heart screams "Blood Pressure!". Oh, and pick up Husk.

-Dr. Terror

Note: Yes, Jersey, the armpit of A-fucking-merica has corn to rival your podunk Midwestern backwoods cow tip, sheep fuck locale. Jersey Fresh!

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