Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Troll Hunter: Not Your Average Norwegian Tourism Video

Let me get this straight. You are an aspiring documentary maker or film student. You live in the great country of Norway. Your entire existence probably goes something like this: Fjord, Black Metal, Fjord, Fjord, Fjord, Black Metal, Fjord, Black Metal, Black Metal... Troll?. We came to expose the Great Bear Poacher of the North (Fjord) and we found the Great Troll Hunter!!! This doesn't happen to people in the really real world. It's pure unadulterated fantasy. I mean who gets bitten by a Troll anyway? Eunice St. Clair! Oh and that Norwegian bloke makin' the god damn documentary. Anybody know the Norwegian equivalent of bloke? Thought not.

You can guess where it goes from there. Hunt a troll with a professional troll hunter. When it's opening up you're thinking, "I hope this doesn't workout like The Edge with Anthony Hopkins." It doesn't. No really. No spoilers there. The aspiring, rag tag documentary film makers end up following said professional troll hunter into the woods; armed with troll stink (think deer musk) and land mines. On your journey into the woods you'll encounter troll piss, tales of troll lore both fact and fiction as well as useful tips for defending yourself against trolls (sunlight turns 'em to stone or blows 'em up... we don't know which). Oh and they smell Christians... so there's that.

This comes off like Cloverfield at times in the best possible suspenseful, slightly claustrophobic moments. At others we're waiting for someone to ask Josh if where the fuck the map is (he kicked it in the river remember?). This film is all the fun of hunting a wild animal in the wilderness, so if you really dig that kind of thing it's best to put on camo before watching this one. Boy is it a visually stunning film. When it's not overly dark the troll CGI is something of beauty. It's beyond the Harry Potter, giant creations. The effects also bear some resemblance to the zombie mutants created in Dead Alive (slight resemblance).

The troll hunter gives an amazing comedic performance and ever so gently, lovingly... slams the tongue right in the ol' cheek. I'd have it no other way: a. Norway b. Trolls. In no other way should this be displayed but with the most refined humorous sensibilities. After all, if you don't laugh in the ever dark reaches of Scandinavia, your heart turns to stone and you learn to play guitar. Don't believe me? Ever see Dead Snow? Nazi Zombies. Same thing... tongue in cheek, extra comedy with a side of superior effects plus gore. Another gem from Norway. Also, Harpoon... You remember: The Reykjavik Whale Watching Massacre. Not really Scandinavia, but close enough.

Read up on some troll lore

All in all if you can take enough Dramamine to keep your late dinner down, you're going to be wowed by the effects from a childlike wonderment point of you. You'll wish someone was retelling you all those fables about trolls you heard as a kid... if that kind of thing really happens in America. Troll Hunter tells a great fable, perhaps one that American audiences might not be able to fully appreciate due to the lack of troll mythos in our youth culture. Maybe Troll Hunter can change that for generations to come.

BEWARE: Remakes rights to this gem have been purchased and are staring at the English speaking world like a needle full of Thorazine. Hollywood wants you to forget how good this film is by making one of their own which only works out a small percentage of the time. Just make sure you see the original before 1492 makes with the "re-imagination" gun. André Øvredal did a damn fine job. Hope Hollywood forgets about this one unless some how André Øvredal and the cast and crew will stand to benefit financially from a remake"s production.

-Lege Jimmy Terror

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