Saturday, August 20, 2011

Monster-Mania 19: Halloween Costume Acquired...

Some brief notes here on my brief experience at Monster-Mania in good ol' Cherry Hill, NJ (or little Philly or the armpit hair of Camden... you pick). I didn't have a whole lotta time to spend there today do to some family obligations, but I had the time of my life. Was it better than seeing Fright Night 3D and Final Destination 3D all in one week? Yeppers. Let's get into the why of this monster extravaganza.

First off, no matter how many times I see a copy of Fangoria on a con table I have to look. If anyone's thinking about me when their at a magazine table back issues of Fango tickle my fancy and Gorezone more so (specifically the one wear Jason's face is revealed without his mask... ON THE FRONT COVER!!!). I found a little gem that I have been wanting to hold in my hands forever. Fangoria #53 was featured in an episode of Amazing Stories called Miscalculation. It's the story of a dorky kid who discovers this concoction that takes pictures of people and makes them into reality. There are a few catches along the way (you have to see it to believe it). To totally ruin it, the protagonist finally gives up on the science to get girls and gets a girl; the scene pans to a shot of the potion dripping on... THE COVER OF FANOGRIA MAGAZINE (see below for what that might leave in store for the Dr. Love).

Check out the scene itself around 5:30.

Same vendor had a copy of the first edition of the comic book the Puppet Master. As I recently wrote in my toy flashback, this was instrumental to me better understanding that comic books can be full of sex and horror. This alongside of the reprints of Tales from the Crypt and the Vault of Horror were essential to my transition from Super Hero comic collector to VHS movie hound throwing marathons and snorting pixy sticks.

Moving on... I'm a flyer hound. So I walk around and pick up whatever looks like it has some teeth. I'll run through some of the events right quick.

-Dead 'Til Dawn - a five piece zombie concerto of films shown in true drive-in fashion. Zombie, City of the Walking Dead, Night of the Zombies, Burial Ground and Gates of Hell. October 1st for only $10. Fuck me running with a chainsaw! It's three hours from me and it's all night. Chances of me not wrecking on the way home? Slim to none. This makes me want to listen to Nine Inch Nails "Pretty Hate Machine" on repeat with a belt around my neck.

First the NIN then...


- Severed Sinema - August Underground Trilogy plus NECROPHAGIA!!! - It's been 10 years since Fred Vogel created the original August Underground. Come out and celebrate in Stroudsberg PA. August 27th starting at 7PM @ the Sherman Theatre. Bangin'. Don't know who August Underground or Necrophagia? You will and must watch these...



AU Trilogy and Necrophagia

-A Gorerama with Exhumed Films showing a double feature Jungle Holocaust and Raw Meat. Get your Hamburgers early and eat them raw. "Cannibal Classics for the Carnage Connoisseur!" For more info hit up their website:


-NJCC (that's the New Jersey Collectors Con). October 9th. Get a better name. "Early Halloween Trick or Treating for Kids in Costume"... HUH?

-Jersey Devil Productions Presents Lake's Edge - This is just a flyer for a an independent movie, but I'll let you be the judge as to whether one should pay for this. I think I need to give it a real go one of these days.

- Warfear - We have a metal, grindcore band distributing free stickers, patches, CD's... it's real DIY music. A serious display of showmanship. I haven't listened to my promo CD yet, but if it's good you'll be hearing a review here shortly. By the by... I love doing music reviews for horror/death metal related music... even goth (do people still play goth?) Alongside his companion company Knee High Horror (from whom I bought a Dolls posterboard cut out display) the gent behind all of this is a multi talented guy... stop by his table tomorrow if you're headed back Sunday.

-Alternative Cinema puts out a nice catalog to take home with you. It's a smart move because these films aren't always an impulse buy. Sure, you can't get them except on VHS, but if you understand newsgroups, torrent or even YouTube you can do without the packaging and save a few bucks. That is not to say that I condone this. Support people like this when you can afford to do so. It's a good industry despite the over saturation and vulture-ish tendencies. If you want to know who I personally endorse in this arena it's VHSPS...

VHSPS Will Make You Sweat

But these guys are good too...

Alternative Cinema

So let's discuss more of my capitalistic tendencies. I am now the proud owner of a both a Gore Zone and From Dusk Till Dawn shirt courtesy of the bash Goddamn horror T-shirt company Fright Rags. You order, they ship, you cream yourself. It's that simple. Works faster than porn. (this has not necessarily been tested). Thanks Kristy Jett and Benjamin Scrivens for manning the booth and keeping us well dressed.


My personal T's:

Picked up The Taint and the uncut A Serbian Film from Diabolik DVD. These guys are responsible for the Raw Meat/Jungle Holocaust double feature above and the 24 Horrorathon coming in late October. Buy their DVD's because their truly nice guys and they know their shit. Fact. Remember, their copy of A Serbian Film is uncut. The new release won't be and you'll suffer at the hands of another studio.




Odds and Ends: I picked up a bunch of neat o monster pins for my new convention sack. I realized after Chiller Theater that I needed a better way to carry my swag. Look for a new blog soon on a convention survival list in my humble experience. I pretty much have done the "dont's" of convention etiquette nine times over because I simply have no clue, am horribly social anxious (we're working on that) and I did not bring my number two pencil. My mark was not complete and dark!

Also picked up the Bernie Wrightson cards from my youth. Expect a new tattoo within the year.

Got the Basement which will surely need it's own blog I'm and I'm sure you've been hearing about this if not own it. Big Box VHS package. VHS inside alongside a DVD and four additional movies. This packaging is perfect for me. Sell me My Little Pony in this packaging and I'll buy it. Promise. Let it be known that I've wanted to do the faux lost film thing on VHS for some time and it kind of kills me inside to know that I haven't. One day. The wheels are still turning (even if they're flat).

The Basement Trailer

As I've stated before I have social anxiety when it comes to going to these cons. I did however meet Nathan Baesel from Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon. Let me tell you that this man is ultra-super-mega nice. He pretty much put up with every thing I could throw at him. From social anxiety to bringing the wrong magazine for him to sign. In truth I didn't realize I had it until I was about to talk to him... then I remembered there was an article about him. I'm not sure he knew that they are promoting the fundraising effort of the sequel. I'm glad he signed the new Rue Morgue for me. I'm glad to have met such a kind man. His first con too from what I've heard. He was there for Saturday alone. I feel warm and fuzzy, like a 1980's sticker book. My first con signature, but I don't want you to go around saying that I popped my friggin' cherry.

Trailer for Behind the Mask:

I got to meet Rob Dimension. When I was out there starting to write reviews, Rob sent me a copy of his Late Night at the Horror Hotel horror host show, and it showed me a new side of the horror industry and how indy horror has evolved. Truly gifted comedian. Knowledgeable horror dude. Lover. Fighter.... Rob does it all. Check out Rob's amazing blog at LATE NIGHT AT THE HORROR HOTEL

Also for a real treat check out The Monster Channel which Rob supports viciously and vehemently. Let it suck you in before it takes you by force.


Well that about wraps it up. Join us next time when we discuss YellowBrickRoad and how I still don't understand it because I'm daft. Also, we hope to have two brand new Fangoria for Dummies entries out shortly. I've been working on judging the Killer Film Festival means watching lots of movies. I'm very impressed. More on that as we get closer to the event but Massachusetts hasn't seen anything like this since 1692 (or since Rob Zombie). ... what's that you say?

We didn't discuss my Halloween costume as the subject line dictates? Since when do I ever include everything in a piece that's in the fucking subject line. You'll just have to wait. Approaching the two month mark. I promise you I will be eating pumpkin seeds and candy corn while drinking cider after taking my daughter out. Hopefully watching some classic horror with the Mrs. We'll also discuss what to watch for Halloween soon.

... still not going away (this is like the teaser at the end of a film right? right? cheeky? Fuck me!).

Well it's made by kreationX... I won't be wearing ice skates and it looks like this:

Buy KreationX... Great Value. Great Quality... Also shop smart Shop S-Mart.

- Dr. Voorhees

By the by... Met up with John Squires and Jesse Bartel of Freddy In Space and the Blood Sprayer respectively. Along with finally meeting Kristy Jett... it's such a great feeling to meet really down to earth people who are uber intelligent and uber horror. Great time guys. Sorry I couldn't stay longer.


  1. Wow, I never hear anybody talk about that Amazing Stories episode!

  2. It's my favorite. Of course there's always the Head of the Class episode from the "movie". I would totally listen to the band Blood Sausage. Forward or backward. If I ever get my band the Vaudeville Vampires together we'll be "covering" one of their songs. Figure that one out :)