Sunday, August 21, 2011

WARFEAR: From Monster-Mania to my CD Player in 24 Hours

Picture this:

You're walking through the vendor room at Monster-Mania in Cherry Hill, NJ. You are very impressed with the endless number of DVD rips of VHS unreleased classics. You still dream of owning that Dr. Terror's House of Horrors original movie poster someday, even if it isn't the correct. Dr. Terror's House of Horrors (yes more than one was made). You have come to the back wall and spent a little money. You see a guy sitting alone and he has a stack of cut outs of your favorite horror movies. The first words out of his mouth are that the CD's, stickers and patches are free. He makes them himself. You have to pay for the posters because he has to pay for those to be made. You ask what type of music... Death Metal. Grindcore. Sounds good, right? You buy a Dolls cut out and are extremely happy with the quality. You'll buy more one day for certain.

When you get home you put the CD in your office. If it's any good you'll write about it. If it's not you won't waste your time or your readers time. Next day you decide it might make some great house cleaning music. So you listen to the first EP on this double dose of Warfear. What do you hear? It's some fairly straight forward death metal/hard core. It's good, but nothing to write a blog about or write home about even. You get distracted and have to come back to the second EP of this double feature.... and now I bring you ADDICTED TO TRIOXIN!!!

ADDICTED TO TRIOXIN is an EP of great horror significance. Why? Because it's a eight song homage to one of our favorite horror comedy classics, Return of the Living Dead! Wow. Return of the Living Dead has a great soundtrack as it is and now it has an homage paid to it for your ear bleeding pleasure. I gotta say, from one horror fan to another, it's pretty fuckin' cool.

On the surface its death metal. It's very much in the same vein as "4 Left Dead"... the first EP on the CD, but something is clearly different. Interlaced through out the skull crushing drum, guitar and vocal belch that sounds a bit like The Acacia Strain (check out our previous review of Wormwood) are quotes from Return of the Living Dead. Good ones too. You've got some obvious horror fans in WARFEAR. It's not going to be for everybody. Not everyone can like death metal. Only the cool kids, ok?

Track listing is as follows:

"Send More Paramedics"
"Addicted to Trioxin"
"Send More Cops!!!"
"Operation Animation"
"What's in the Barrel?"
"Naked Scream Queen"
"The Pain of Being Dead"


Check out their music video for The Darkest Day (not Return of the Living Dead based video, but a NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD inspired video. It's very indy. That's very OK.

Horror fans might find it to be somewhat sacrilegious to absorb some of the best dialogue from one of our beloved films, but I think WARFEAR does it as a creative effort and not to count the Benjamins.

Cover art is also a thing of beauty as done by Corlen Kruger. Please stop by the site and check out the rest of this artists work. It's nice to find fresh meat dealing in sexy meets gory.

Also, check out those previously mentioned cut outs at KNEE HIGH HORROR. They'll have your favorite horror flicks or maybe your second favorite buy 'em. Display them. Samples of their work below.

And there are more. Make sure to stop by and take a listen to some really hard hitting music with excellent sampling worked in to keep it evil.

Please enjoy creepies,

Bonus: Here's the other poster for the OTHER Dr. Terror's House of Horrors that was previously mentioned.

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