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ELECTRIC WIZARD: Black Masses At the Movies

With Halloween approaching you're going to need some spooky music to listen to. Let's face it, how many times can you listen to the "Time Warp" and "The Monster Mash" before you take a step to the right and fall off a fucking cliff? I suppose I could listen to both of these beautiful songs forever and a day. I do not tire of Boris Pickett. I am very happy to have my world rose tinted and do the snatch, clean and jerk in gold underwear, but we need something different now and again to clean our putried pallets.

So we've done so posts on classic soundtracks (see previous blogs on the Return of the Living Dead soundtrack and the Texas Chainsaw Massacre Part II OST). My favorite to date is the Giallo soundtrack retrospective. We've mentioned a certain sound effects record album that I had growing up along with Michael Jackson's Thriller. Also, touched on The Acacia Strain's Wormwood album which which sounds like bones breaking as a steam roller runs over your fucking mother. Also have mentioned Warfear's Return of the Living Dead homage which is bloody brilliant for an indy release. And last night we went through La Sexorcisto by White Zombie and brought it back to life with its twentieth year right around the corner. We've got more in store and tonight we unleash something completely different. Something you need to hear...

We control the bass. We control the tremble. Hell, we control the entire EQ.


Doom band out of England, Electric Wizard, as put out an amazing piece of stoner, sludge metal that has songs to make any Halloween party stand up and take notice. I'm fairly new to the band itself, but it is seen as having created some of the most forward thinking albums of its subgenre. Black Masses is no different.

It was released in various forms of limited release including a vinyl with an amazing insert. There's a sexy 70's bush that you probably need to see and enjoy to believe... if you enjoy that sort of thing which... hey, aren't we allowed to have guilty pleasures? Enough vulgarity, I believe I just used up my perversity quotient for the month. The vinyl was released in various colors and quality along with levels of limited release. If you can't get the album and your a vinyl file you better move fast. No Electric Wizard fan is going to want to let some of these prized possessions out of their hands.

Check out Rise Above Records to order your copy of what remains in print now. Before its too late. Virgins are counting on you!

While the packaging is impressive and Electric Wizards history is inspiring. Let's get down to why this album should get the chance to make a cameo at your Halloween fiesta. Time to tak baby steps through the album...

Perhaps the best way to illustrate the complexity of this album to describe a movie scene either existing or in my own brain that correlates to each song.


This is the scene in the movie where the protagonists are getting ready to battle the big bad guy. The big bad guy should be a vamp or a large swampy monster (goes with the sludge side of this sludge metal). It's often a fun exercise to turn down the soundtrack to your favorite flicks and replace them with you own no matter how blasphemous that can be. I urge you to try turning down the preface to the end scene in the Lost Boys where the boys are filling up water guns with holy water and smashing garlic bulbs. This is a find accompaniment.

It's not the precise scene, but if you're reading this you've memorized the movie:


The monster steps out of the shadows in an old medieval castle looking out from under its eyebrows and pissed at having "guests". It's the "oh, you fucked up" moment in any good film where your innocent hero realizes he just got all his friends killed especially his would be girlfriend. I urge you to check out the Ewok's Battle for Endor for your evil bad guy du jour. As a kid I was terrfied and mesmerized by him. I'm still convinced that movie wasn't fiction.

This particular song as well as the rest of the album is also a nice accompaniment to any of the NES Castlevania's. The original, Simon's Quest or Dracula's Curse will do nicely.


I like to call this scene your foxy vixen reveal. She's usually way to hot for the dork in the film and 95% certain she'll end up with the devil or dead. Somebody kick on the high powered exhaust fans, the white t-shirts and the magical spray of water from out of nowhere. Existing scene like this probably involves Megan Fox in something, but we're going to go beyond the Fox, but we'll pull away from the stereotypical scene I just "created" (if I had a laugh track it would start now).

Here's a great pairing for The Nightchild; Seductive Julia from Hellraiser:


This song scream John Ryder from the Hitcher. Nuff Said. It's the ultimate "watch the bad ass fuck with the good guy" song. Slightly triumphant, but not in the way you'd like it to be... I mean or maybe it is you twisted individual. If this one doesn't get your head bopping rigor mortis has already set in.

Halsey may get the upper hand... or does he?


Satyr IX is a film production company who's movies include:

Terror at Orgy Castle (1972)
The Hand of Pleasure (1971)
Danish & Blue (1970)
Sisters in Leather (1969)
The Screentest Girls (1969)
The Satanist (1968)

I'm sure at least some of you have seen at least one of these although I'm not sure that I have. Not much to see in the clip we have for you from Sisters of Leather. We'd love to hear what you've got to say about this studio or the movies it made.


This is where the stoney metal really kicks in. The whole album has a garage feel not unlike Pentagram only much much much ... much... heavier. If I had to pair this with a scene in a movie it would be the scene after the frist attack. Think Critters after the barn sequence. The family regroups and trys to figure out what they are fighting only to have a full home invasion. It's either that or the doom metal version of shooting up heroin which is admittedly more difficult to display visually.


This song gives me the feeling of a warrior who has fought all the battle in any movie and is utterly exhausted. The only vindication this indestructible man feels is the pain of a long adventure and the promise of a new one. I can think of no better movie to epitomize this feeling than either Conquest. I would also have accepted the Beastmaster or a Conan film. I would not accept Valhalla Rising... the only thing good about that flick was the sludgy dirt which reminds me of scenes from Neverending Story where Atreyu is saved from his own hopelessness by Falcor. Did I just retro trip fuck your mind? Yep, I did that!

Conquest by Fulci... if you haven't seen this you haven't lived.

Beastmaster for good measure:

I still cry at this scene. I know you do. You're not that metal! Of course maybe you are that metal in which case I don't cry and shit. I shaved my tear ducts out with a rusty boat hook.


This is a deep chaotic mess of sounds. There are a few scenes that might work with this one. Most likely though you're in the catacombs of an underground gateway to hell... probably...

City of the Living Dead (second Fulci on the list... Electric Wizard and Lucio go hand in hand)

Please go out and support this truly horrific band. They'll creep you out. They're not so speed metal that your average Sabbath fan can't get into them and they are "death" enough to scream Oreo Cookie over and over again unintelligibly. It's a nice alternative some of the classic favorites, but be prepared for your traditionalist to turn their noses up.

The packaging alone is good enough for we horror fans.

-Dr. Jimmy

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