Thursday, September 1, 2011

You DO Have to Open Graves: The La Sexorcisto Video Crib Sheet

Welcome to the planet motherfucker! Ever wonder where all those enchanting little sound clips from White Zombie's groundbreaking 1992 release, La Sexorcisto, came from? You've heard some classic clips from Rob Zombie and the gang for many a year, but how many of these samples do you know, how many do you wish you knew and how many are you terrified to find out? Today we're giving you the cheat sheet to an album that gave a boost to horror metal courtesy of the production of David Geffen... no wait... fuck David Geffen... this one's courtesy of White Zombie, the band so good they named a movie after it (or visa versa if you were actually paying attention). You may have seen something posted like this before, but we're going to add bright, shiny video. I want you to know up front that I worked heavily with Wikipedia. I didn't do the research. I'm just displaying it for you in a visual pleasing package. Go here for all the factoids, dweebie-isms and nerd-axioms:


We may not find the exact scene from whence the sample was taken, but we're going to get you updating your Netflix queue if we damn well have to cut your hand off and move the mouse ourselves.

Let's start at the beginning...


Explosions in the beginning (Urotsukidoji Legend of the Overfiend 1989)

"Now let's move", "but let's take the back door" (Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill! 1965)

"Do you have to open graves to find girls to fall in love with?" (The Mummy 1932)

"Get up and kill!" (Dawn of the Dead 1978)


"We know how fast we can go" (Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill! 1965)


"These are the facts as we know them. There is an epidemic of mass murders being committed by a virtual army of unidentified assassins" (Night of the Living Dead 1968)

Back ground screaming (Halloween 1978)


"You're all shook up, aren't you baby?" (Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill! 1965)



"I work on this baby the same way, trying to get maximum performance" (Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill! 1965)



"Speed kills, I'm alive yeah, in my ... Durango '95, yeah!" and "Motherfucker scream horrorshow!" (References to A Clockwork Orange 1971)


"Meanwhile, behind the fa├žade of this innocent-looking bookstore" (Batman, the TV show in the episode Zelda the Great)- just before the 3 minute mark below

"You're all shook up, aren't you baby?" (Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill! 1965)


"They come from the bowels of hell. A transformed race of walking dead. Zombies guided by a master plan for complete domination of the earth." (Plan 9 From Outer Space 1959)

"SPIDERBABY (Yeah-Yeah-Yeah)"

Bells at the beginning (Hellbound: Hellraiser II 1988)

Chanting (The Omen 1976)

Arabic Chanting toward the end/fade out (The Exorcist 1973)


NO SAMPLES - Based on the story "I am Legend" by Richard Matheson

GET IT FROM AMAZON.COM or wherever you sell your wares for blow

"Knuckle Duster (Radio 2-B)"

"Now, what we have to ask is why is it that God has admonished us to hate evil? Well, first of all, God loves ..." (Atlanta Pastor, Charles Stanley)

"... And strangled them and finally dismembered their bodies"

"homelessness and all that ..."

"And now, the voice you've been waiting for ..." (Rush Limbaugh)


Talking in the beginning (Urotsukidoji Legend of the Overfiend 1989)


It has been established..." (Night of the Living Dead 1968)



Music in the back ground (Night of the Living Dead 1968)


"Only parts of the corpse had been removed" (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 1974)




"One. We are one. One is the beginning ..." (Star Trek - The Way to Eden 1966)

"X minus 5 seconds...4...3...2...1" (Rocketship X-M 1950)

Eerie jingling toward the end (Phantasm 1979)


Creepy music at the beginning (Hellraiser 1987)

Some fun stuff. We must seriously thank the contributors of the Wiki page on this all kidding aside. It's good entry in that database and it's very complete. Sometimes that damn site just impresses the Hell of out me. Other times I wonder how the in the fuck do people actually have time to do that much research and even further still... I wonder how much double-speak we're fed each day via Wiki-editting. Double Plus Fuck You!

Anyway, I think we should take stock of what we just watched/read... didn't read... Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill! has quite a few tracks on this. So does Night of the Living Dead for that matter. Still, it's pretty diverse from a horror fan's perspective. Some Sci Fi, some cult rambling of the right wing death mob (see I told you there was fucking double speak). I don't think I expected to see Star Trek. I don't think I ever realized both Hellraisers are on this album. Both the Omen and the Exorcist... it must be the apocalypse. All you need is Rosemary's Baby and somebody screaming the Year is One! I'm sure they tried to get it Geffen couldn't get the rights. Since this albums release I Am Legend was remade... again. Iggy Pop, who is featured on two songs, is still recording new music and performing. It is as horrifying as when he performed with the Stooges only now they call it American Idol. Also, a certain horror writer's email address was inspired by a certain song on this album... which one is it? Post the email address below and then send me the naked pictures of Bea Arthur as promised... or just send screeners... or more paramedics... BRAINS!

Yes, White Zombie isn't the first band to use samples or even horror samples in the music, but with Thunder Kiss 65 on MTV, the whole genre took a leap forward into the really real world. Astro Creep and "More Human Than Human" captured every frat douche bag you know into a fit of zombie mania. What's most important, at least today, is that Rob started making movies and has really pushed the envelope into how we look at horror films... like elongated music videos with excellent lighting, the ever beautiful Sherri Moon Zombie and cult classic favorite actors from generations past coming out of the ass of the genre as if they were the devil himself (long winded sentence bordering on run on). The artwork is Rob's too and is stellar, sexy and gets us ready for El Super Beasto. It's like fate. Anti-Divine Intervention.

If you like this... if you find it useful... if you feel that somehow you are a better person for seeing all of these damn YouTube clips in one place... I'll post Astro Creep 2000 and then we'll start on another creature feature band from the early 80's or maybe... we'll talk about Dana Andrews and Ruins. Maybe.

"a few of these songs may have already started to take hold"...

-Dr. Jimmy


  1. Back in the day, a bunch of friends and I were on a mission to figure out where all of the soundbites were from. We got some of them, others were a mystery until now. Kids these days have it too easy. Little whippersnappers. In my day, if I wanted information about samples on a band's cd, I had to walk 10 miles bare ass naked through the snow, uphill both ways, to find it.

  2. I tried to do the same thing when I was kid. I had one of those VHS catalogs out of the back of Fangoria. I'd read through descriptions of each movie and look at posters for hints. It never did pan out, but I learned about nunsploitation and Ilsa waaaaaay early. Also, on an even stranger and only slightly related note, I still have the book that taught me all about classic 70's and 80's early horror movies. I haven't seen it since and stole it from our local library after I accrued more late fees than the price of the book. I'll be take stills of it and writing about it soon enough. The truth must be told (just don't tell my librarian).