Monday, October 31, 2011

DR. TERROR'S 3D HALLOWEEN: A Gallery of Horror in Three Dimensions

HALLOWEEN IS HERE TO STAY!!! Thank goodness it's finally here. I was about to file for bankruptcy protection the incalculable amount I was spending on decorations, costumes and candy. My dentist knows its Halloween. Guess how?

I wanted to do something special for all my friends who give a hoot and actually check this thing out from time to time. I handed out a few "party favors" to a few folks that I could afford after my massive holiday cash hemorrhage Did you wonder what those anaglyphic, red and cyan branded 3D glasses were for? First of all, I thought everyone could use a new pair. Second, I wanted to create a novelty that spoke to what this blog is all about. It's pretty much a retro active itinerary for the horror movies and things you've missed throughout the years. Nothing other than VHS gives that same feeling as a nice pair of 3D glasses. If you have your own pair of cyan and red or blue and red glasses (blue over the right eye) then this will work for you, but not like the one of a kind Dr. Terror 3D Halloween glasses (yeah right).

The images you are about to see were converted into the third dimension myself except where noted. It's not always easy and everyone sees 3D differently. Also it's an older technology that has its own drawbacks. This is my first shot at turning movies into 3D images, but I'm fairly certain it won't be my last. These are movies that were not in 3D (or maybe they were in certain circumstances) but seemed like they might have been fun to see in 3D. I did not screen capture these myself but might do that in the future.  Just thank your lucky stars I didn't try to create smell-o-vision cards ala Polyester. You might not make it out of this alive.

Some tips for viewing before you peruse this gallery:
1. Viewing distance is best from just around two feet from your computer screen.
2. The room you are in should be dark.
3. Double click the image to enlarge it. This might take you out of the browser or into a new tab, but, for the most part, the larger the image the better the 3D effect will work.
4. If you are getting some doubling effects try to adjust your eyes. It's also possible that we have different size heads and different facial measurements. Everyone's a unique snowflake.
5. Have fun. Show your friends. Get grossed out. Vomit frequently to avoid fainting.



Amityville Horror 3D (Yes, it's in 3D, but now so is the poster)

Anton Still Gets the Ladies Even Though He's Faceless. Give Ya Hope, Right?

Ash is Happy to be the Latest Contestant Chosen for the Reality TV Show in Which He Battles for His Life Against an Ever Changing, Evil. Wouldn't You Be?

IT'S A COOKBOOK! No wait. That's a different program.

How to Know if a Blind Date Just Isn't Working. 

It's True! Harry Palms! (but long fingers too?)

This Guns for You.

He's a Braniac, Braniac... blah blah blah

Another movie that was already in 3D. We just wanted to play around with it. 

3D ME! (Don't worry. He escapes).

Look what you've done to my sheeets (go rewatch the Crow). From the Howling.

Screaming Dokken Does Not Make You a Dream Warrior (not dreaming no more does)

You Shoulda Used Shermin Williams!

Mommy, Can I Go Out and Kill (you) Tonight!?  (from Pieces)


All I Want for Christmas is a Really Shiny Axe.


Floating... not optional.

Latest Trend in Body Modification.

The Gate 3D... Better be coming soon. Until then...

Is this a remake or a prequel (of the poster)?

You call it Death Proof

Before flat screens... TV's were easier to get your head through.

The latest trend in modification... eye piercing. 

Some folks have taken some of the 3D horror films of old and posted scenes on YouTube which I've included here. Please enjoy. (some of these will require you to sit farther back if you enlarge them) I assure you that I do not currently have the capability to create 3D video and when I do all Hell will most certainly break loose.

From House of Wax - Paddle Ball

Jaws 3D

Anthropophagous  in 3D

Freddy's Dead 3D sequence

Friday the 13th Part III in 3D

Flesh for Frankenstein - Say Hello to Your Kidney

Some folks view 3D as a gimmick to sell tickets at a higher price and it can most certainly be that. It also has its place in horror history and, when done well, can give us that extra jolt we've been looking for. I think that you'll be seeing more of these 3D blogs going forward for special occasions and hopefully we'll make some more fun things to give away to people like the 3D glasses created for this blog. I just think its something fun to hang on to. I know I like strange gimmicky marketing material/promo stuff/gifts.

Hope to have this in REAL 3D so you can steal the glasses from your local movie theater rather than recycling because we all know that recycling is the tool of the devil Consume!

-Dr. Terror in living color and 3D (but not pictured to protect your eyes).


  1. Dude, this was really f'n cool! The glasses worked great! Awesome job and thanks for the gift, sir! Happy Halloween to you and your family! :)

  2. Awesome. I feel honored to have been the recipient of a genuine pair of Dr. Terror's Limited Edition 3D Glasses. Happy Halloween my brother.

  3. Glad everyone enjoyed this one and the glasses. Happy Halloween, ya'll and to ya'll a good night (future line from Tales from the Hood 2?)

  4. Do you have any glasses left as mentioned in the Freddy In Space post?


  5. We most certainly do K-Fleet. Shoot me your address at I'll get a pair sent right out to you.

  6. This blog is epic! Just found the link through Freddy In Space. I would love to see this in all it's 3D glory... do you have a pair for an old alter boy father? :P

  7. We have a few pairs left. Send me an email at with the address where I can send them. Hope you enjoy the third dimension. My personal favorite is the fifth (that's where I'm a Viking). :)

  8. This is amazing! I've given you a blog award!

  9. Gracias Screaming Goregasm. You are too kind. Let's break out the Nyquil and do a proper toast. :)