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Let’s get the synopsis out of the way early. From the IMDB:

“A group of martial arts students are en route to an island that supposedly is home to the ghosts of martial artists who have lost their honor. A Hitler lookalike and his gang are running a female slavery operation on the island as well. Soon, the two groups meet and all sorts of crazy things happen which include cannibal monks, piranhas, zombies, and more!”

There. Now you can’t say I didn’t warn you. I mean has there been a film made that might potential challenge your celluloid taste buds as they one just described to you? Which part didn’t you understand in that brief synopsis that was most likely written by a fairly normal, well rounded reviewer? Do you think I made it up? Do you think I’m trying to be funny? I am not funny (fact). And with that simple knowledge you know that the movie that glares at you from beyond the trailer on this site and the stills handcraftedly borrowed from the worldwide web that this whole fiasco is an absolute, honest to goodness reality.

(Wrestlers not included.)

This is Exhumed Films Week which means that we are covering films that Exhumed Films has shown as a part of their completely ridiculous 24 hour horror-thon held every October, in their fifth year now. From out of Philadelphia a giant has arisen in the form of kinda scary, kinda funny, mostly old and definitely for horror/exploitation fan boys and girls. You can catch a full look back at the last four horror-thons, an interview with Dan Fraga of Exhumed Films and, in November, a recap of the fifth horror-thon subtitled, A New Beginning (how very Friday the 13th).

As you can plainly see tonight we cover Raw Force aka Kung Fu Cannibals from 1982. Now if you search the interwebs you’ll find that there’s an overabundance of spectacular coverage on this film already and there’s very little I’m going to say about that will improve upon the madcapped laughs that other horror reviewers and bloggers have afforded this silly putty in the rough. That being said we’re going to give you some stills to appreciate, some trailers and other films that will help wet your pallet, pants and dreams and give a comprehensive list of coverage already brought to you by the foundation that supports media on the web.

Before we get into all of that and create yet another list of things that you’ll read half of and then realize you’re late for work, let me give you my humble opinion about this picture. The first time I was introduced to this film was at Exhumed’s third horror-thon. Quite a few movies in, heavily caffeinated, one beer and a whole lotta beef jerky and then… the laughter began. Watching this film in the company of a theater of horror genre fans is like pouring a pile of coke in front of a junkie and telling him if he snorts it all he can have a second rail free of charge. Instant laughter from all in my party. Instant excitement from those who were already familiar with this classic piece of martial arts meets semi-porn meets something that might almost resemble Tombs of the Blind Dead.

Raw Force has the boobs to keep your eyes wider than Alex in A Clockwork Orange. Raw Force has the Kung Fu to challenge Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris to a fight, lose and then tea bag both martial arts hero just to avoid immediate death. Raw Force has evil baddie bad guys that rival your fucking Dark Lord or your Darth Vader or your Cobra Commander or your Skeletor von Goebels. Raw Force is your answer to bad dialogue when you have thought up an Oscar winning screenplay and need to ground yourself before you share it with anyone else for fear of seeming too pretentious. Raw Force is a children’s story. Raw Force is NOT a children’s story. Raw Force is as ridiculous as it’s alternate title and it’s alternate title is as ridiculous as shaving animal shapes in your pubic hair and then dying it green. Raw Force simply is, and because it is, you can sleep better at night. It’s what happens when Peter Weller decides not to play Robocop for fear that his role as William Burroughs might be compromised even though Peter Weller is not in the film. So for all these reasons… you must demand yourself see this film. It isn’t hard. Widely available if you’re even partially internet literate or video savvy.


I’m not sure that Exhumed Films will always refer to it in such lofty terms. They have shown films since that (and even in the same evening) that could be considered as obscure, as naughty and as memorable. One thing is for damn certain, when Exhumed wants you to see a film and expand your limited, if strangely vibrant horizons, they get ‘er done. Raw!
Now that I’ve actually kissed a films ass (literally kissed it’s friggin’ ass), please enjoy some of the finer websites that have done their best with the worst. Do not disrespect the Raw and… may the Force be with you.

Radiation Scarred Reviews:

Fellow Blood Sprayer contributor and one of the authors to whom I look at as an inspirational, Saucerman Bill Adcock delivers exceptionally well written reviews that embody the jovial spirit of many of the B trash we all know and love. His review of Raw Force is one to read and respect. RADIATION SCARRED REVIEWS HERE!!!


As part of their “Force” not which includes movies with the word “force in the title, EatMyBrains offered fun tips to prepare yourself for the power of RAW.EATMYBRAINS!!!

Knifed In Venice

A Discussion about its release notes, plot and a general review and commentary.

Backyard Asia

Just as the name suggests, this is a blog dedicated to all films of Asia. They cover Raw Force especially well and have the most magnificently visual array of scantily clad stars of the film. I strongly encourage you to visit this site if you have a hormone left in your body, have acne or drank more Mountain Dew than I did before setting out on this blog entry. BACKYARD ASIA HERE!!!

Scene from Raw Force:

FYI… Big John Taylor is a walking death machine. You heard it first… at the Raw Force.

-Dr. Kung Fu Cannibal

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