Sunday, October 16, 2011


If there is one thing you can count on, it’s that at least one film you will see at an Exhumed Films 24 Hour Horror-thon will have at least one additional name. Trauma (1976), not to be confused with several other movies of the same name including one by Dario Argento, has also been called Expose and House on Straw Hill. Each title fits in its own way, but the when we watched the film in the auditorium during the third horror-thon it was called Trauma. So from time to time I might slip up as I’m a fan of House on Straw Hill just a bit more.

From the database de film de la internet:

“A novelist (Udo Kier) hires a quiet British country house so that he can work on finishing his latest novel. His agent arranges for a secretary to stay with him, in order to speed up its completion (played by Linda Hayden). However, this turns out to be a big mistake when she reveals that she has actually come to kill him for stealing the manuscript for his last novel from her husband, which drove him to suicide. The housekeeper, Kier's girlfriend (played by 70's sex superstar Fiona Richmond) and 2 local thugs all meet horrific ends as Hayden goes on her killing spree.”

“Sex superstar” sticks out nearly as much as the name Udo Kier. Trauma will not win anyone any awards. Maybe best lesbian scene in an obscure 1970’s B picture. You’ll wonder who the sex pot truly is when you’ve got both Kier, famous for his role as Dracula in Blood for Dracula, versus Fiona Richmond who was the star of Let’s Get Laid. No, it’s not as bad as the title would suggest, but after watching Trauma you’ll wonder if Let’s Get Laid is one of its alternate titles. Now let us not, in our haste to search for naked pictures of Fiona Richmond, forget about Linda Hayden who is also a “sex superstar” in her own right. It would seem to me that this entry in the Exhumed Films retrospective either has too much testosterone or not nearly enough 70’s jungle bush.

Jungle Bush not included:

This picture has often been considered a work of Giallo. Sure it is but its tighter knit than your average crystal plumed bird. The whole film, with few exceptions, takes place in a farmhouse where Kier’s character has come to do writing. It doesn’t exactly have the murder mystery crowd shouting to the rafters but the urge for super psycho sexuality is fulfilled. The black glove crowd maybe slightly disappointed. Try to enjoy the music even though the Morricone is missing.

Now I fell asleep later in the evening as this film was about to begin. I awoke to a rather erotic bit of sexuality which kept me up (shame on you) for the remainder of film. While you may find it’s sensuality a draw there are moments of Kier’s greatness, his quite sophistication that will keep you guessing. This one might be a good date night film. If your date can stand some of its more bloody moments, marry her and show the movie at the reception.

Hey, it’s a Video Nasty. Can’t be all bad, right? At least you’ll be watching a piece of film history while you get your rocks off… friggin’ perve.

-Dr. Jimmy

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