Monday, October 17, 2011

Exhumed Films 24 Hour Horror-thon Week: BUG (1975)

In a conversation with a friend of mine, we started talking about the films that scare us the most. The ones that really got us as kids. For me its Tourist Trap. To this day I have a hard time watching it and for no other reason than Mr. Slaussen’s voice (Chuck Connors at his finest) and a bit of a mannequin putty. For my friend it was Bug. He couldn’t remember the name of the picture at first; just that there were rather large insects and there was a strange sound and there was lots of fire. Bugs that come out of the earth and spark up small blazes that kill people out of the blue. While you may laugh having seen this film as an adult there is a real creepiness about this one. You never know what when they’re going to strike.

Let’s recap this fun film that was labeled an animal revenge film by the good folks over at the Exhumed 24 Hour Horror-thon.

From the Wik ik ik ik ik:

“An earthquake releases a horde of highly intelligent cockroaches from deep in the bowels of the Earth that have the ability to set fire by rubbing their cerci together. Eventually most of the bugs die because they cannot survive in the low air pressure on the Earth's surface, but a scientist (Dillman) keeps one alive in a pressure chamber. He successfully breeds the cockroach with a modern bug creating a breed of intelligent, flying super-bugs.”

You know that I love this movie for the most ridiculous reason. I firmly believe that it could actually happen. New species are discovered all the time with strange talents beyond our comprehension. Geological phenomenon are ripping apart the Earth’s crust at many different levels. Cockroaches shall inherit the Earth. There’s any number of reasons why something like this might be possible. That’s a big might. More like MIGHT be possible. I hold the same opinion about the pending zombie apocalypse only I’m pretty sure there is a scientific axiom to prove that will actually happen. When they call it science fiction it’s nice to have a bit of science in there. Something to believe in.

I guess you know a picture is truly worth your time when you learn that William Castle had something to do with (assisted in writing it). It’s completely beyond his gimmicks and a solid piece of a horror/sci fi. I suppose Castle was unable to convince theater owners that pyrotechniques or live insects would be appropriate in the auditorium. Can you imagine a sack full of Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches being released at each screening followed by a cacophony of Roman candles shot directly at the ceiling, exploding sparks over an unsuspecting crowd? It’s never too late to dream (of jail).

So my buddy remembers this picture to this day with the barest of details in his head. It’s silly. It is terrifying. Just when you think it’s over, it’s certainly no and you may want to contact your homeowners insurance company now to confirm that you have coverage in the event that your house is occupied by strange, intelligent insects that double as the best cigarette lighter you’ve ever had.

Don’t confuse this with the tragic tale of crystal meth abuse. This is much more inspired. More buggy.

Check out the Haunted Closet for a great breakdown of this film and to understand better its infamous connection to the Brady Bunch. The first time you watch you’ll feel like you’ve seen it a thousand times. Well, if you’re of a certain age I suppose

The Haunted Closet

- Dr. Jimmy


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