Tuesday, October 11, 2011

NIGHT OF THE LIVING POP SONG: Song Inspired by George Romero's Epic Movie

Nobody likes Night of the Living Dead quite like musicians. We all like to take a stab at either a song or album by that name as well as cover art that may mimic it or songs that share some of the premise of the film. I’m not going to say that this film is the most inspiration of horror films when it comes to a movie influencing the music biz, but there’s a canon of work to consider. There may be at least a few references to Return of the Living Dead or other zombie films in here, but our main focus tonight is George Romero and his magnum opus.

While I collected these songs I could only think that we take Night of the Living Dead for granted. It’s in the public domain. Its referenced in a good 60% of all horror movies (statistics made up to protect the innocent). When’s the last time you watch this classic? Some bands devote entire works of art to Romero’s vision. Will it create a movement not unlike the Arab Spring? No. Will it stir up your very own zombie apocalypse fantasies… we all have ‘em.

Enjoy the utter obscura, and find the right song for your zombie apocalypse after party. There are so many genres to choose from.

“Blues for a Zombie” – Horrorvox

Follow this link to an ENTIRE ALBUM of goodies: HORRORVOX

“Mental Masterbation” – Jackyl

“Knight of the Living Dead” - Stone Gods

“Sonic Reducer” – Dead Boys Live cut off the album “Night of the Living Dead Boys”

“Night of the Living Dead” - The Misfits

“Hard Days Night of the Living Dead” – The Zombeatles

“Night of the Living Dead” – Julia Marcell

“Knight of the Living Dead” - Abyssic Hate

“Night of the Living Dead” – The Krewmen

“1000 Corpses Walk the Earth” - DieMonsterDie

“Night of the Living Dead” – James Hutton

“Nights of the Living Dead” – Tilly and The Wall

“Night of the Living Dead” - G Love and Special Sauce

“Night of the Living Dead” – Believe Us

“Pimps of the Living Dead” – Lithuria

”Night of the Living Dead (Infernal Majesty Cover)” - Dawn (Swe)

“Night of the Living Dead” – Infernal Majesty

“Saturday Night of the Living Dead” - Calabrese

“Night of the Living Dead” – Conversations with Enemies

“Night of the Living Dead Girlz” – Dead Girlz (a full on sampler video)

Personal favorites are “Saturday Night of the Living Dead” by Calabrese, “Night of the Living Dead” by the Misfits and “Night of the Living Dead” by Majesty. Gotta love Horrorvox! What’s your favorite?

-Dr. Romero

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