Monday, November 7, 2011

The House that Myers Built - A Brief Glimpse At the Myers' House Today

I received a post-Halloween treat today from a good friend and colleague of mine. He is not exactly a horror fan, but grew up rather close to where our dearly beloved John Carpenter classic, Halloween was lensed in the 70's. He mentioned that if he ever drove by the abode de Myers he would send me a photo. Well it's one week after Halloween and low and behold we have some fun images I thought I'd share with of you interested in your financial future.

First off, our dear Myers' house has become resident to a business known as Ameriprise Financial. This an a rather popular, commerical-ed business for whom Tom Lee Jones acts as a spokesman. I'm sure we can play some kind of sick game where we do six degree of John Carpenter that connects Tommy Lee Jones and Carpenter rather quickly, but I think we'll go for the "secret passage" i.e. Lee Jones to Ameriprise Financial to Myers House to John Carpenter (only two steps that way!). I guess we couldn't have expected one of the most infamous houses in horror history to stay creepy for very long in a prospering local like South Pasadena, CA.

My good friend (who shall remain nameless to protect the innocent) said that it was a rather eerie place to grow up. Imagine your a youth in "Haddonfield", CA and the very place where Myers stabbed his older sister was right around the corner... nightmares? Sure! Therapy? Nearly guaranteed if you don't take up drinking first.

Well the story goes that they actually picked it up off its foundation and moved it in the late 90's. Wonder why... we are horror fans are a bit obsessive I guess. It's about five doors down and across the street from its original location. My buddy didn't quite know why this was done in all seriousness, but doesn't it look quaint with its new, less homicidal, more grounded residents? Nice paint job right? It's just so cozy. Maybe a nice family will move in there, raise a family and then have a gruesome murderer for a son. One can hope. (These are the jokes people).

For all your spook hunters out there, the house now sits next to a cafe, coffee shop. The "costume store" where Myers stole the infamous Shatner modified mask... it's an Indian restaurant. Saag Paneer anyone?

By the By, HorrorHound magazine (one of my gosh darn favoritest) usually does a Then and Now retrospective to horror places. Make sure to get every issue you can. I'm sure they've attacked this piece of prime real estate more in depth then I could hope to.

-Dr. Terror.

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