Tuesday, February 7, 2012

You’ve Got Yellow On You Week 3: The Giallo Challenge Continues and Continues and Continues…

 This was an exceptionally slow week because my Netflix account was co-opted by my family’s thirst for Star Wars and the release of The Phantom Menace in 3-D. While I can safely say that this is my least favorite entry in the series, at least there are 3-D worthy moments in the pod race sequence. We’ll see if it lives up to the marketing.

This week we had some truly great pieces of cinema. If all the weeks I spend in the yellow were as intriguing as this I’d learn Italian and start drinking nothing but J&B. As it is in I’m sure I’m in for some whoppers in the coming months.

I’ve started to exhaust Netflix related rental options and will begin looking to Blockbuster’s online selection shortly. While I realize that Blockbuster Online is the great Satan (and Netflix is too to a lesser extent) I have to prevent myself from purchasing or obtaining through “other” means. With over 200 titles to go it would be impossible for me to purchase all the remaining films. I ask  that if you have a substantial gialli collection and would like ton contribute by lending to me I would be most appreciative.

Still plenty to watch but for how long? On to this weeks results in as little detail as possible to keep you guessing just a second longer than would take you to change the channel on your cable ready television set.

Four Flies On Grey Velvet: This is Ennio and Argento together which pretty much means the crème de la crème. This one features some truly stunning kills, the perfect masked killer and you have to appreciate a golden club as a bludgeoning weapon. The camera actually follows the club as it kills. It can make you nauseous. You like giallo, you’ll love this. It won’t be long till Ennio and Argento clash and stop working together (enter Goblin)

The Night Evelyn Came Out of the Grave: I like to think of this one as a love story… with WHIPS AND MURDER! It’s got hot women, great music, filmed beautifully and definitely creepy. Now this is what marriage is all about… dying. Also, the live performance by the band will give you a chuckle. The copy I watched was one of the worst dubs in the history of cinema. The sets made me feel like I was shopping in that high end story Anthropologie. Oh, and what’s with all the god damn hand shaking!? I can’t say that the effects in this flick were “good” but boy did they may me think of some of my favorite Spanish horror. Emilio Miraglia… well done but the worms are still waiting.

Perfume of the Lady in Black: I love that gialli and witchcraft go so well together. They almost compliment each other like gialli and J&B (that makes a cameo appearance). It’s an eerie movie with a marvelous keyhole shot that will stand out. Nice twist ending.

Fifth Cord: I’m always pointing out the music in gialli because Ennio gave you something to praise. This movie is no exception. When you’re watching one of these movies and you say to your “wow, this music is airy and surreal with lots of strange voices and trumpet” you know that it’s Ennio. This one comes off just a little like a soap opera but with better actors. Some nice kills with the essential stylistic camera work and sexy sexy ladies with one of the best ending sequences chock full of action with the kind of wrap up you’d expect from Angela Landsbury. If you take nothing else from this movie adapted from a book know that “It’s bad for you not to make love, you know?”  Luigi Bazoni makes a nice giallo picture.

I’m in the middle of a classic at the moment, but we’ll save that for next time since I can’t give you the full run down. The opening sequence that plays the killer as seductor is well worth the watch and may require you to change your shorts if you’re not careful (this is how crude we can be when we’re not being artsy fartsy).

-Dr. Terror

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