Sunday, April 8, 2012

FAMILIAR From Fatal Pictures: New Clip, New Screenings Announced

We (which means I... the royal "we") were given the opportunity to review two of Fatal Pictures' works of pure terror, Worm and Familiar. Stop by and check out the review over HERE.  In the last couple of days some exciting news has surfaced of which you hipsters and creepy scaredy pants need to be aware.

Numero Uno: Familiar is screening at The Dark Bridges Film Festival this May. Check it out HERE. This may if you are anywhere in the vicinity of Saskatoon make it your priority to have the everlovin' shit scared out of you by the ultimate in body horror. We're talking about the next David Cronenberg.

Numero Dos: Familiar is an official selection and screening at Texas Frightmare Weekend. This is also coming this May and you need to get the 411 HERE. Get your bowl of chili. Rope a steer. Get your ass in the seat for this chance. I would, but all my exes live there... in Texas that is (really... used to live in Texas... bad juju).

Numero Tres: Here's a new clip of the film we're talking about. I assure you that if you were a fan of Worm you will be a fan of Familiar. If you're a fan of both, you need to see it again and support this team of overly talented independent filmmakers

So now that you've seen the new clip and heard about the upcoming screenings the only thing left to do is make sure you hit up ChicagoFearFest next weekend where it will be screening as well. It's hot and on a rail around the circuit.
So that's all I've got for now. Follow Familiar and Fatal Pictures on Facebook and check out their websites here:

Facebook of Familiar

If you have a blog or a review site or whatever you call it when you type things for folks to read, share this info.

-Dr. Terror

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