Monday, May 21, 2012

Attention Indy Filmmakers: ELVIRA’S HORROR HUNT WANTS YOUR ENTRY (perve)

This news is worthy of a blog post folks. Elvira (the boob... the boobtube... you know the drill) is hosting a horror movie hunt. You, as my friends, my indy filmmaking friends, need to enter this. You need to win. You need to meet Elvira (Cassandra Peterson will do) and then you need to introduce her to ME. Simple right?

In all honesty I love supporting one of my favorite horror hosts (hostesses) of all time. Her name still means something in the horror and non horror community alike, and I've always been glad to watch anything she'll put her name (or any other appendage of hers) next to. So check out the press release below which I've included in its entirety so you don't miss a nipple slip. Oh and frickin' HorrorHound is behind this thing too. Credibility in full force!

Please keep me updated as to your progress in the hunt if you enter a film. I'd love to know about your experience. If it makes sense we can do an interview and I'd love to showcase any entrants work (as long as that doesn't violate the rules of the contest). 

Unpleasant... entries (does such a thing exist?)

-Dr. Terror

(Press Release)

Have you made a horror film that is DYING to be seen?  Here's your chance to present your epic, terrifying and delicious entertainment to the midnight masses...if you DARE!
 (Los Angeles, CA - May 17, 2012) Put on you creative thinking “wigs,” because Elvira, Mistress of the Dark, (“Elvira’s Movie Macabre”) want you to SUBMIT….your horror feature and short films! Participate and compete in the first edition of  “ELVIRA’S HORROR HUNT” an “indie’ genre film festival and web extravaganza co-hosted by best “ghoul-friend” Peaches Christ (“Midnight Mass”) and presented in association with Comikaze Entertainment and HorrorHound.  The deviously demented duo even whipped up a special video laying out all the devilish details for you:
“Elvira, Comikaze, HorrorHound AND Peaches Christ: it’s a match made in HELL and my worst nightmare – and for me that’s a GOOD THING,” says Elvira, Mistress of the Dark. “I’m practically popping out of my dress with excitement and we promise to unearth the hottest new films...and bury the ones that suck.”

WHAT IS “ELVIRA’S HORROR HUNT”? It’s a competition that's one part movie review show, one part film festival, and all parts funny as hell! The HorrorHound selection committee will select 13 features and 7 shorts to be screened for adoring fans at HorrorHound Weekend, Indianapolis (September 7 & 8, 2012) with Elvira and Peaches in person!  The same feature films will also be individually reviewed by the dynamically dark duo for “HORROR HUNT,” a brand-new, online web-series full of outrageous, unapologetic humor and horror savvy.
““I grew up worshipping at the altar of Elvira so being her co-hostess is a dream come true!” proclaims Peaches Christ, hostess of  “Midnight Mass.” "Being ‘indie’ filmmakers ourselves, I think this innovative film festival and multimedia event will expose the genre world to some incredible movies from filmmakers who may have been previously overlooked.”

BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE!   Of the 13 features and 7 short films featured, THREE will be selected by Elvira and Peaches Christ, who will present them to a panel of horror industry professionals who will declare the winners of Grand Prizes which include: a red carpet Los Angeles premiere for their film hosted by the Elvira and Peaches Christ,  round-trip airfare/lodging and V.I.P.  bragging rights at “Stan Lee’s Comikaze” expo September 15 & 16th, 2012.
 "Elvira is one of the most iconic horror characters of our time,” says Regina Carpinelli, CEO/ Co-founder of Comikaze Entertainment. “On behalf of “Stan Lee's Comikaze,” it is an honor and pleasure to be collaborating with one of the most brilliant businesswomen in our industry on a project that is sure to change the way film festivals are created"
For additional prizing details, contest rules and info about submitting your movie go to:
WHEN YOU HEAR THE NAME ELVIRA, ONLY ONE PERSON COMES TO MIND. Halloween icon and quintessential symbol of all things spooky, the one and only Mistress of the Dark, Elvira was the first horror host ever to be syndicated throughout the US on national TV. She has produced, written and starred in the feature films “Elvira, Mistress of the Dark” and “Elvira’s Haunted Hills.”  Her most recent projects include the reality series “Search for the Next Elvira,” the 2010-2011 return of “Movie Macabre” and the new web series “Elvira’s Horror Hunt.” Played by actress-writer Cassandra Peterson, she has spent over three decades solidifying the Elvira brand and has carved out a niche in popular American culture that is sure to endure for decades to come. Visit\

 Joshua Grannell, the "altar" ego of Peaches Christ, is a San Francisco-based filmmaker and entertainer. who made his feature film directorial debut with the dark, horror comedy "All About Evil," starring Natasha Lyonne, Thomas Dekkar, Cassandra Peterson and Mink Stole.  He spearheaded the "ALL ABOUT EVIL: THE PEACHES CHRIST EXPERIENCE IN 4-D," a multimedia film/music event that toured the world featuring actors from the film and has created the immensely popular "MIDNIGHT MASS" movie series, an interactive celebration featuring a film tribute and live interview with a multitude of talent including John Waters, Elvira - Mistress of the Dark, Jennifer Tilly, Pam Grier and much more. Grannell is currently developing, producing and distributing feature film projects, exclusive online content and 'live' events, for crazed fans, around the world. For additional information about the world of Peaches Christ, please visit:
 Comikaze Expo is the largest multimedia pop culture convention in Los Angeles bringing the best in comics, gaming, horror, sci-fi, fantasy, anime and all other cult programming. Taking place September 15-16 at the Los Angeles Convention Center, the event offers a slate of innovative programming, panels, contests and other activities that provide fans access to their favorite artists and creators in this adventure-packed weekend.

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