Friday, May 11, 2012

KICKSTARTER MY HEART: The Missing Remnants Need You to Be Found (in the form of spare change).

Here’s another Kickstarter My Heart entrant (we have no limit on the indy projects we will support but we do have a credit limit). The Missing Remnants is a new project by Killer Film Festival operator Michael Vallier II, personal friend, awesome film fest operator… nice guy. We ask that you consider supporting his latest short film project.

Info about this project:

How can a child live a normal life after being found sitting in a pool of blood accompanied by her dead mother and younger brother? For Rachelle, the years that followed were everything but normal and she lives through those horrors daily.

Rachelle and her brother were products of their German mother and French father and lived just outside of Frankfurt Germany. Shortly after the brutal murders, her father was arrested and had eventually confessed to the crimes. He was then sentenced to serve 25 years in a German prison and Rachelle was sent away to Paris to be adopted by distant relatives.

Rachelle spent her youth going to therapy and at different stages of her life taking anti-depressant and anti-anxiety meds struggling to cope with the trauma she had endured. Naturally she has always blamed her father and when she receives news that he will be released after only serving 18 years out of the 25 year sentence, she plans a trip to confront her past with the barrel of a gun.
Now they’re not looking for much money, so see what you can give to help ‘em out.

Stop by the Kickstarter page and give what you can. $500 is their base goal, but $1200 would be better.

Also stop by and keep up to do date with the Killer Film Festival, returning this fall. It’s just another way to support the indy horror you love.

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