Sunday, May 13, 2012

PENNHURST - New Jersey Ain't the Only Weird Place in This Country

Have you seen the new trailer for the much anticipated film PENNHURST yet? Let's take a step back. Have you ever broken into an abandon mental hospital in the hopes of finding out that the urban legend spookshow you heard about from all your friend was real? No? Well than you haven't lived. I can safely tell you that from the trailer alone this movie has a 100% accurate feel. The paint definitely flakes of the wall. There's debris everywhere. The only thing the trailer can't convey is the absolute musty, dusty, dank odor that permeates places like this. Maybe I'll go into my experiences in a future article (maybe something with a Weird, NJ spin. Until then go find an old book story with a bit o' water damage and then flood your bathroom for about a month... make your own Smell-o-vision scratch and sniff card and wait for Michael Rooker's new endeavor.

Bless his serial killer portraited heart.

Let's get a synopsis in here:

A reality television production crew visits Pennhurst, an abandoned psychiatric hospital, on a mission to capture evidence of paranormal activity. Soon the crew is being picked off one by one in a series of gruesome murders. Turns out there are plenty of ghosts at Pennhurst who don’t want the crew there and do everything in their power to make them leave.  But what do the ghosts really want? The answer will shake you to your core.

"Directed by Michael Rooker, Pennhurst is shot on location at the abandoned Pennhurst State School and Mental Hospital in Pennsylvania. Well known in the ghost hunting world as an epicenter for paranormal activity, Pennhurst has long been closed to the public.

Until now."

Come take a walk around PENNHURST !!! It's a haunted attraction of the same name. This very weekend I shall be traveling out to a sister haunted attraction THE BATES MOTEL !!!

Fans of Weird NJ this promises to deliver a nice fictionalized account of what its like to actually crack open an issue of the beloved field guide to the strange and unusual.  What's next after Pennhurst? Greystone? The Fairview Sanitarium (RIP)? We're in full on waiting mode for this potential cult favorite.

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