Thursday, May 17, 2012

Scrutinize The Fies Sisters: Subscribe to Independent Horror

Support Independent Horror by subscribing to the Fies Sisters on YouTube or Vimeo. You can also catch their latest releases on Thursdays on FEARnet Two great ways to catch the latest works by the Sisters de Fies. It's like bring the film festival circuit into your own home. Details are below on how to sign up and if you need a refresher course in sisterly love here's your chance.

Read all about it and follow the links to subscribe (if you dare!):

Those fabulous Fies Sisters are at it again! The genre film festival programmers (BleedFest, Hollywood) and prolific filmmakers have opened their own YouTube channel at

Brenda and Lis Fies will premier a new effed up short every Thursday, starting today with scary SCRUTINIZED. The acclaimed suspenseful tale was filmed in June in just two hours on the L.A. Metro and will be the first of their shorts to premier online. It has already won two platinum EMPixx Awards for Best Short Film and Best Videography, and features stellar actors: Writer/lead Melanie Leanne Miller and star Amanda Bauer can currently be seen in acclaimed feature THE MYTH OF THE AMERICAN SLEEPOVER in theatres and on VOD until October 2011; Jamison Reeves is the trustworhty face from over 40 national commercials; handsome Michael Norwood starred in RAPID GUY MOVEMENT; charming celebrity photographer Winston Burris is making his dramatic film debut. The unforgetable "So Nasty" song is by by brothers Jonathan and Stephen Ruiz of TruE StatuS Ent. from Texas.

Says Brenda Fies, "We're thrilled to reach a worldwide audience with our work. We've had an amazing three years meeting incredible friends on the film festival circuit with our debut feature film THE COMMUNE and all our shorts, but to be able to reach the same amount of audience members on the web in a day makes us a different kind of happy. As filmmakers who want to find an audience and continue getting hired by Hollywood, it's important to tell your stories across all platforms and reach the maximum amount of people who want to be entertained."

The duo are also eager to build community with fans. Enthuses Lis: "We follow and comment back! We favorite terrific genre films, and we share other people's work with our YouTube friends. We're here to provide subversive entertainment and help promote other movies we love." Building a famous channel can be an arduous task, but Brenda is convinced their fans have what it takes to help their films rise above the din. "The number one thing we need is for our fans to subscribe to our channel. But we also love it when you post our films to Facebook and put us in your Youtube sub-box!

SCRUTINIZED is already scheduled for its festival world premier in Boston at Jed Hammel's Filmshift Film Festival, and Elisabeth would love to show it at more. "We've shown plenty of terrific films at BleedFest that were already available online, and most of them became audience favorites." Brenda continues "Film lovers have their niches of when and where they like to watch their movies. Just because it's online doesn't mean your festival community has found it yet. The most common response we get from our audience is a big thank you for bringing these movies to their attention."

In May 2011 Elisabeth Fies made history becoming the first no-budget female filmmaker invited to the exclusive MASTERS OF HORROR dinner. This fall The Fies Sisters are finishing their feature film PSYCHOSEXUAL, which will feature the most nude kills of men ever onscreen. But they have many more exclusive surprises in store for their YouTube friends.

So go subscribe to their YouTube channel for a rad new Free Fear Film every Thursday. And for those of you who aren't YouTubers, the Fieses are also posting their videos Thursdays on FEARnet and on Vimeo.

Channel Schedule: August 25th: CONSUMED September 1st: COLLEGE GIRLS ROAD TRIP September 8th: DISTRAUGHT

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