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It's time for another edition of the Giallo Challenge update, You've Got Yellow On You. As always it seems like we have one truly shining film that really gets to the heart of gialli and makes me continue with this labor of love.

Looking back I think it would have been appropriate to rate each movie individually rather than just giving bare bone opinions. I would have liked to rate them all. Something analyatical. I'm afraid I won't be in any place to do that now that I'm about a hundred movies in. Going back would on be prejudiced by movies I've seen since watching each movie.
Here's the run down for the past week or so. I'm trying to increase the number of movies I watch per week, but then I seem to get a stack of movies to review out of nowhere (some even unrequested). I also want to take this chance to mention that we will be having an Italian Horror Week starting Friday July 13th. Guest writers. Giveaways. Surprises. Music. Dancing. What's better than a week of Italian movies? A week of Italian Horror movies.  I'll be updating more in the next couple of weeks. Get your Italian flags ready.

Calling All Police Cars– There are definitely some hotties in this one, and it’s nice to see a proper intro to a film. If giallo is about a certain aesthetic than the intro titles definitely embody that aesthetic. There’s something overly psychedelic about this flick although it’s really just a standard issue detective story. I had to watch this one entirely in Italian which definitely detracts from following the narrative. Keep your eyes out for the Burt Reynolds look-a-like and they exquisite nude scene kill. This one flips the switch real nice mid way through although I can say it’s one of my favorites.

A Game of Crime – A black and white, atmospheric giallo, this one has some sweet production value which is to say it actually had some budget or folks behind the camera that knew what they were doing. It reminds me of a few episodes of the Twilight Zone… remember when they switched cameras? Interior decorators take note of the furnishings and overall d├ęcor.
Cat with the Jade Eyes – One good kill does not a great giallo make. Yet another film I had to watch entirely in Italian. The film is pure, traditional sleaze.

Body Count – Before delving into this one have I told you lately how much I adore Ruggero Deodato? How about David Hess? How about the soundtrack to Friday the 13th part 3? Well this movie has all three of those things. It’s not exactly the soundtrack of F13-3, but it’s damn close. If it’s not than it’s got hints of Wax Trax. This film is exploitation gold. It’s got the hair you’ve been looking for, truly 80’s sensibilities and is a nice crossover piece with American slasher films only it’s a Hell of a lot more sexy than its U.S. produced counterparts. The blood is perfect. The movie is funny. There’s even a bottle of J&B! Keep your eye out for the leg on the bed (and that’s all I’m saying about that), some nice 80’s boobage and a chainsaw (it’s the 80’s… everyone owns a chainsaw). There’s even a scene that vaguely resembles the Voorhess-through the window routine from Friday the 13th The Final Chapter and what you might construe as a Terror Train costume. Needless to say I strongly recommend this one. Nothing ordinary here.

The Crime on Via Monti Parioli -You know, you can tell what kind of a movie this is going to be by the opening sex scene. Just how many candles do you need? This film is absolutely living proof the tribal tattoos are timeless. I think a more accurate description of this movie is porn with too few sex scenes. Bad hair. Bad fashion. Ick! The Crime on Via MOnti Parioli

Dagger Eyes – If you were looking for a movie that might be used in a drinking game for one liners that absolutely cannot be construed as actual film dialogue, this is your film. There are women being struck across the face and just because they’re prostitutes doesn’t exactly make it kosher. Of course this is the exploitation cinema so let’s not get too hoity toity or judgmental. Best line: “You see, white girls bore me”. This guy even says he needs brown sugar. I think that this movie can really be called “The Story of the Cigarette Lighter”.

-Dr. Terror

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