Tuesday, June 19, 2012


So this new project I'm starting, it's not really all that new. Slowly but surely I've been compiling a small collection of VHS tapes. I love the fuckers. They're just about my favorite things in the entire planet, and I'm glad to have rediscovered them recently thanks to many of you. You know it wasn't all that long ago I was a tree hugging hippie trying to put the finishing touches on John Lennon's "Imagine" dream. I was nearly possession-less. I gave away just about every piece of beautiful horror memorabilia I had to start a new life without things. I assure you that this attempt at being "thing-less" failed. It has caused me nothing but pain and in the end I'm forced to try and recoup what was once a fairly respectable VHS/DVD collection. All of that may be a bit more than you actually need to know about to get in on my project... the whole thing is downright mysterious at this point. You've already read a paragraph, and I've only teased your nipples of interest. On to the project...

I recently started seeing people post about VHS tapes for sale, and I started making funny remarks about folks donating their old VHS to me. At first I didn't exactly know what I would do with them all except maybe love them the way a museum adores its collection. Then I started really thinking about what I could do with a truly excellent collection of VHS tapes. I COULD START MY OWN VIDEO STORE!!! (no, that's not the project, but read on). While this has always been a dream of mine I can assure you it is, at this time, cost prohibitive. I definitely have some ideas about what I would do with a video store. I know what I would rent and how I could make actual physical renting blow over Netflix and that damn dirty box of red. That is neither here nor there right now. We all have our fantasies and delusions. I'll write about those some day as well.

What I want to do is to build a mock video store in my basement office. I want to put up displays and shelving and decorate it with neon and "be kind rewind" stickers. I want to turn the place in which I write into the very place that gave me my informal education in horror. What I need from all of you is your old HORROR VHS. I'm asking you ever so nicely to contact me, tell me what you're willing to part with and donate it to my  little project. I'll pay the shipping. Sure, I'm interested in buying a few hidden gems too and maybe even some of your rare DVD's or laser disc, but I really want this to be built by the fans as a labor of love. I'm gonna need quite a few tapes and I've only just begun restocking. I'll post what I'm looking for as far as particular items from time to time, but mostly this will rely on you to shoot me your lists of items your getting rid of, let me know what the shipping would be after we discuss what items I might need and then I'll throw you the shipping costs. 

WHAT I'M LOOKING FOR (in general):
-HORROR AND SCIENCE FICTION VHS TAPES. Big box, clamshell, new, old, beat up, but must include cover and should be playable.
-VHS CASES. Clear or Black.
-VHS STICKERS. Be Kind Rewind, Late Fee Stickers, $.50 fines for not rewinding stickers. I'll even take the stickers that used to number old VHS tapes as they sat mystically on the walls of our favorite stores. 
-NEON SIGNAGE. I fully expect to have to pay for signs so if you want to donate any video store related signs this will significantly cut the cost of this project. It's important to me to get the whole thing right. 
-CUT OUTS, STAND UPS, POSTERS OR  CEILING HANGERS - I'm looking for vintage items used in stores. 
- INTERESTING VCR'S. I'm not talking about your traditional mass market Panasonic VCR. If you have one that you're looking to ditch that has something special about it let me know. 
-VIDEO STORE SHELVING - Might as well ask. I'm not sure anyone will have anything quite like this.
-OLD SCHOOL DOLLAR BINS - If you have the dollar bins from your old video store than chances are you won't want to part with it, but if you've run out of space and looking for a new home, contact me. 

ALSO LOOKING FOR PICTURES OF YOUR MOM AND POP VIDEO STORES!!! While I adore the video stores I frequented as a kid, I want to see where you learned "the craft". Send me your pics. Send me your stories. 

If you've got rare stuff that you're dying to get rid of, signed VHS etc... I'll take a look but make no promises. I'm not cheap, but I'm working with a limited budget. This is why paying for shipping at $15 a box makes absolutely sense. Is this a cash grab? No. Is this a boob grab? Yes, I'm grabbing my boobs. Is this a fun hobby? Abso-fucking-lutely. 

What this ISN'T

-I'm not looking to make a dime off this. It's a labor of love.
-The only time I'm getting rid of the VHS you send me is if I can find a trade that makes sense or if you send me a bunch of stuff that you're just trying to get out of you house. I don't need a double tape copy of Titanic. Nobody ever did. That stuff is at every garage sale in town. 
-This isn't, as of yet, a functioning video store. That means I'm not renting. I would love to and maybe one day that will change. Right now I'm trying to stock up. 
-This is not a charitable organization. This is purely for the aesthetic of it and for fun. 
-I do not need your non-horror VHS unless you can tell me why it should be in my horror video store. I have seen more Clamshell Disney tapes at garage sales than I can believe. I thought people were collecting them!






HALLOWEEN III (the older the better)




FACES OF DEATH (any of them)


Send all requests inquiries, donation offers or inquiries to I'll get back to you quickly and we can figure out what the shipping costs will be. If you're selling include your price. If you have something that isn't listed above let me know. I want to make this great and I would prefer it to be a labor of love of all horror lovin' folks of our community. I'm even playing around with special placards for those who make significant donations to "the cause". 

So far I've got a couple fellas who have contributed and I'm really amazed at the history I'm uncovering. Let's do this thing together! 

I'll be posting more from time to time about what I'm looking for in the way of Top Ten lists. I'll let you know the progress, take pictures as it makes sense and make sure to throw a big party once the whole thing is finished. I don't expect it to be completed this year, but boy would I love it if we could work together that quickly.

Thanks in advance and let the games begin!

-Dr. Terror

Hey Brother, Can you spare a head cleaner?

In a not wholly unrelated note I also collect horror magazines of any age. I like to write them up. Will also pay the shipping.

Bonus Donation of the week:

Considering a complimentary prize with this donation. Hit me up.


  1. Are you interested in German/Austrian VHS tapes too?

  2. Absolutely. I think the variation in cover art is tremendous. It can make a standard US collection look more realistic.

  3. ok, gonna check my collection over the weekend. Will send you pics of what I can spare next week.

  4. Cool blog, mate! Added it to my sidebar links with a banner! I answered your email. Good luck!

  5. Thanks Cristian. We love your site. RaroVHS has some cool flicks and amazing Tshirts!

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