Monday, June 11, 2012

SHE DEVILS A GO GO: If You Like The Cramps... (Review)

Are you a fan of The Cramps? Do you even know who the Cramps were? If you love the Cramps and have seen any of their music videos than I firmly believe that She Devils A Go Go is a perfect movie for you.  While I can’t say that its low budget effects and somewhat amateurish comedy routine had me doubled over with either queasiness or laughter, I will say that I can definitely appreciate the dark, red lit look of that screams of death rock. It’s a Pscyhobilly freak out and as my buddy over at the Liberal Dead mentioned in his review at the Examiner, it’s also a nod to Herschel Gordon Lewis.

Synopsis (from the IMDB):
Five guys are out looking for trouble on Halloween Night. They get that and more at the grand opening of a new strip club called She Devils. A place where all the girls dress like devils and all the patrons end up in hell.

From the back of the DVD:

It's Halloween Night and the Guys are out on the town looking for trouble. They find that and more at the opening of a new strip club called... She Devils A Go Go!

She Devils A-Go-Go Teaser 2 from Dustin Austen on Vimeo.

From the score that features Burn Barrel doing “Motherfucker From Shelby Ohio” to the surf rock instrumentals that frame out much of the movie, you’re looking at a filmmakers who love music and love the horror genre both cinematically and musically. The whole thing is full of devil bunny women dressed in burlesque get up focused on committing acts of sexual debauch and murder. It’s not for the young ones to be certain. Stars like Terra Incognita and Gina Heartless are sure to keep your kids' eyes covered for the entire flick. The Drive-In movie crowd will be waiting for the second feature to begin after they get their refreshments from the concession stand.

The comic book graphics framing the movie seemed like a nod to Romero’s Creepshow, something I find very appealing. The disc is loaded with a bunch of extras for a no budget release and the presentation including sexy cover are perfect for this genre. What I want is something to shock me a little. That’s what made the movies of H.G. Lewis great and what lead to the overall success of films from the late 60’s to which this clearly pays tribute.Also, the Creep-like character McBoney is underused. For a perfect nod to the Crimson Ghost and, again, Creepshow this guy needs more time on screen.

The whole thing felt disjointed and forced from a narrative perspective, but that doesn’t mean I enjoyed the visual styling any less. It’s a nice first effort from Darrin McDonald in a piece of fiction. His Previous work includes a documentary out of place and works in the sound department of The Horror Convention Massacre. His lead Jimmy Coffin has an IMDB listing under the TV show My Strange Addiction. Take a gander. One thing is for certain, I can only always help to support early efforts by filmmakers who introduce a character named Carl and then put him in a Hot Carl T-shirt. It’s also refreshing to see characters that are actually named “douche bags”.

Stop by the website to take a closer look HERE. $15 for this release if you have the coin.

-Dr. Jimmy

Enjoy this piece of Americana and think about the last time you were caught with a wallet full of singles and no excuses.

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