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A MONTH OF DEAD LINES: A Quickie News Update

Let's do some news because I haven't posted about anything other than Italian Horror for fucksake ever. This will be an eclectic hodge podge of a few releases etc that I find interesting.


First off, we have a new Corey Feldman flick coming out. 6 Degrees of Hell. Now whether I like the recent Lost Boys flicks or not I still show dedication to Mr. Feldman. He gave me such a joy as a youngster I completely owe it to him to spread the word and review his movie. Let's hope together shall we? Hold hands. Light Candles. Perform Voodoo?

6 Degrees

Philadelphia, PA (July 26, 2012)--Domestic distributor Breaking Glass Pictures (5 Star Day, The Fields, The Living Wake) has snapped up the indie horror film 6 Degrees of Hell for North America. The deal was struck last week between CEO Rich Wolff and Fabrication Films SVP Miriam Elchanan, a follow-up to the successful release of The Fields earlier this year.  Directed by Joe Raffa (local hit You'll Know My Name), the film stars Corey Feldman (The Lost BoysThe Goonies), Jill Whelan ("The Love Boat"), Brian Anthony Wilson (Limitless), Faust Checho (The Fields), newcomers Nikki Bell, Kyle Patrick Brennan, Ashley Sumner, Nicole Cinaglia, David J. Bonner and Raffa himself.

In Northeast Pennsylvania, "Uncle Jack's Hotel of Horror" is besieged by a dark presence after two friends of "Uncle" Jack, Chris and Kellen, unwittingly release a deadly evil by transporting local psychic Mary Wilkins' collection of haunted objects as props for the popular tourist attraction. At the same time, a local TV ghost hunter, confronts an evil that has haunted him all his life-one he believes is responsible for his sister's death years ago.

His search puts him in the path of a rogue police chief and June-a girl who seems to be the eye of this supernatural perfect storm. They all find themselves connected to the old hotel while the threads of their own personal horrors draw paranormal investigator Kyle Brenner (Feldman) to pull all the threads together...

Looking forward to another release with Breaking Glass, writer/producer Harrison Smith said, "We're excited about 6 Degrees of Hell because it makes horror fun again. It's a horror film with Easter eggs, there's so much horror history in it. It's intelligent, fun horror with solid characters and respect for the genre."

Wolff echoed his sentiments, saying "6 Degrees is an excellent film, and the second in what will hopefully be many successful collaborations between Breaking Glass, Fabrication, and Harrison.  It is a perfect match."

6 Degrees Of Hell (2012)
6 Degrees Of Hell (2012)

Developments on the title have been closely watched, with an astonishing 101,000 followers on the 6 Degrees of Hell official Facebook and over 1.5 million trailer views on YouTube.

There is a celebratory theatrical screening scheduled in the shooting location, the Pocono Mountains, on August 24th 2012.  Corey Feldman, various cast and crew and Breaking Glass Pictures staff will attend and celebrate both the ongoing success of The Fields and the acquiring of 6 Degrees Of Hell.

The DVD will hit shelves on October 30, the day before Halloween.



In other news, the Before the Mask Kickstarter Campaign is in full swing. If you follow me on FaceBook then you know that I've been sharing the campaign whenever I get in front of the computer. Well here's some advice for folks who made contributions during the successful FaceBook B4TM campaign:

As you probably know, we at Glen Echo Entertainment have begun a final push in the form of a Kickstarter campaign in order to raise the rest of the money. The rules of Kickstarter are: unless we raise all of it, we'll get none of it.

To that end, I'm wondering whether you'd be okay with moving your financial pledge from our Facebook app over to Kickstarter in order to make it count towards our goal. Not only will your financial transaction be safer, but you'll be contributing to the final push! Plus, you'll receive exclusive Kickstarter updates, and that's where we’ll release script pages and never-before-seen footage from the original as we hit future milestones.

If you do decide to move your pledge over to Kickstarter, here’s how to remove your pledge on facebook:

1) Make the pledge on Kickstarter.

2) Click on the 'Support B4TM' thumbnail on our Facebook page (it's hiding in the 'more' section - you have to click the "4" carrot to open up additional thumbnails).

3) Click Modify My Order

4) Simply change the order amount to zero and you will have effectively canceled your FB order.

Thanks so much! Either way, we are overwhelmed and gratified by your support.


Ladies with chainsaws are sexier than ladies with guns. That's pretty damn sexy. Enjoy this preview of the newest installment of one of my favorite horror series. These movies scare the piss out of me. Really. I even blogged about it. 

PLAY DEAD to Arrive Soon from Teller (of Penn and Teller)

Growing up a fan of Penn & Teller means that a film by either one of these funny, talent individuals is worth a watch not to mention that it is also directed by Synapse Films' Shade Rupe. Let's support a guy who's fighting the good fight to get your the movies that are worth watching.

This trailer looks gory and sexy and side splittingly funny. 

Here's the link to the trailer (sorry couldn't embed it):

Full Release:

Teller (of Penn & Teller) Debuts Horror Film PLAY DEAD at Fantasia International Film Festival.

Las Vegas, Nevada – July 10, 2012. Teller, the smaller, quieter half of Penn & Teller, will have the world premiere of his performance film of PLAY DEAD, the Off-Broadway horror hit starring Todd Robbins, on Friday, July 27th at Montreal’s 2012 Fantasia International Festival. Teller and Robbins will both attend.

In this “wild, wicked… gleefully grotesque orgy of death and fright” (New York Times), Robbins talks to the dead, murders audience members, evokes the ghosts of psycho-killers, and plunges the screaming, laughing theater audience into total darkness among glowing ghouls and howling demons (“the perfect excuse to grope your date...” – actor Neil Patrick Harris).

This feature film includes the “fiendishly frightening” (New York Post) blackout segments shot in infrared, to allow filmgoers to glimpse some of the magical secrets the live audience never got to see.

This “funny, furious, and wholly enthralling” (Wall Street Journal) theatrical experience was created by Todd Robbins and Teller, and has been artfully captured by New York filmmaker Shade Rupe (T IS FOR TRICK), edited by Emery Emery (THE ARISTOCRATS, GREEN ROOM), and with music by Emmy nominee Gary Stockdale (THE ARISTOCRATS, PENN & TELLER’S BULLSHIT!)

Rocker Marilyn Manson says, “‘PLAY DEAD reminds me of my early years as a spiritual terrorist.” Director John Landis calls it “spooky, scary fun.” Mick Garris, creator of MASTERS OF HORROR, comments, “PLAY DEAD takes you off of Coney Island and into a darkened theater, a spook show filled with fear and glee, red blood on a white suit, and the exhilaration of being terrified at the hands of a master storyteller.”

Teller has been one half of Las Vegas magic team Penn & Teller since 1975. He is an Emmy, Obie and Writer’s Guild award winner. He penned an episode of HBO’s TALES FROM THE CRYPT, directed a gory, magical version of MACBETH for the Folger Theater in Washington, D.C., and is serving as consultant for the Broadway- bound stage version of THE EXORCIST. His short film & TELLER claimed Dimension Films’ short movie-making prize and landed on the domestic DVD release of George Romero's DIARY OF THE DEAD.


I love just about everything that Hammer has put out over the years and this goes for their ever so brief TV show Hammer House of Horror. These stories are classic anthology terror. Well Synapse Films is putting the whole thing out on 5 DVD's and making me a very happy camper. Review to follow in the coming months. This is one of a few new releases from the Hammer catalog straight from Synapse. Hope you all caught Twins of Evil! Just in time for Halloween too!


Hammer House of Horrors DVDEach generation creates tales of horror… stories that seep through the very heart of our collective fears. The legendary Hammer Studios is widely recognized as the high watermark of the gothic macabre, creating some of the most chilling and recognizable horror films of all time. Synapse Films is proud to present this essential collection of all 13 tales of terror from the legendary British film studio intoTHE COMPLETE HAMMER HOUSE OF HORROR collector's set!

In 1980 Hammer took over the old Hampden Manor House in the heartland of England and produced a series of thirteen horror stories to air on British television. With a host of Hammer regulars, including Peter Cushing
(Twins of Evil, Star Wars) and
Denholm Elliott (Raiders of the Lost Ark), classic thespians including Brian Cox (The Ring), Patricia Quinn (The Rocky Horror Picture Show), Georgina Hale (The Devils), Diana Dors (Theatre of Blood) and Dark Shadows stalwart Kathryn Leigh Scott, along with early appearances by actors like Pierce Brosnan (GoldenEye), each episode provides a completely new and individual tale of terror and suspense.

Synapse Films is proud to present the complete series of HAMMER HOUSE OF HORROR in its original airdate order, with all-new introductions and supplemental features. This five-disc Collector's Edition presents each episode with all nudity and violence intact!

Hammer House of Horror
Special Features:

• Episode introductions
A Visit with Kathryn Leigh Scott
A Visit with Mia Nadasi
• Animated Stills Gallery

Hammer House of HorrorDisc Info:

Directors: Alan Gibson, Peter Sasdy,
Tom Clegg, Don Leaver, Francis Megahy

Pierce Brosnan
Peter Cushing
Brian Cox
Denholm Elliott
Kathryn Leigh Scott
Patricia Quinn
Georgina Hale

Run Time: 702 minutes
Release Date:
September 11, 2012
Language: English
Subtitles: None
Aspect Ratio: Full Screen 1.33:1
Format: DVD
Region: 1
UPC: 654930314593
SRP: $39.95

Synapse Films

There you have it. Make sure you get out and support/take interest in some of these new projects. I don't post all the news. I would never think of trying to be a DreadCentral or Bloody Disgusting. 


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