Tuesday, July 17, 2012

ITALIAN HORROR WEEK: Diabolik DVD Featured Product - A Lizard in a Woman's Skin

During Italian Horror Week we will be offering suggestions as to some Italian movies that you might pick up from Diabolik DVD. You might stumble across them while taking part in the scavenger hunt through their catalog although they might not necessarily be on movies you’ll have to find to take the $50 gift card (ENTER HERE IF YOU DARE). It’s important to remember that Diabolik DVD is a company that is run by horror/cinema fans like you and me. These guys are part of the team known as Exhumed Films who give you amazing double features, movie marathons and the great 24 Hour Horror-thon in October. While Exhumed Films is done for the love of film, Diabolik DVD is a living breathing epicenter of commerce. Supporting them is good for horror and affords us a non-Amazon outlet to obscure titles.

Just remember, there was a time before the big ecommerce sites when you had to go to smaller distribution centers or even rely on bootlegged copies of these films in order to get your fix. The quality wasn’t always so great, right guys? You’d never know which cut of the movie you’d be getting, remember? You might even get a completely different film than you ordered and be stuck holding a rather expensive paper weight (there was a time when people didn’t understand PAL). By not supporting smaller companies like Diabolik DVD it is possible to see the little guy get the boot, the big guy could adjust their product inventory and you might be completely without access to titles like these. If it happened to your mom and pop video store, it can happen to your favorite DVD seller. Support the good guys. Support horror and, yes, the horror community is a real thing… IT LIVES!


A Lizard in a Woman's Skin (2 DVD Edition) (NTSC Region 1)

Lizard in a Woman's Skin (2 DVD Edition) (NTSC Region 1)
Directed by Lucio Fulci (ZOMBI 2, CITY OF THE LIVING DEAD). Carol, the daughter of a prominent English politician, keeps having recurring "nightmares" in which she makes love to the bisexual nympho who conducts all-night LSD orgies and lives downstairs. When her nocturnal wet dreams turn murderous, Carol becomes the main suspect. A surreal and nightmarish world of split screen psychedelic imagery and crimson splashed violence, LIZARD is the quintessential psychedelic giallo of the 1970�s. 
  • NTSC Region 1
  • 2 Disc Special Edition
  • US Theatrical Version - Schizoid in English Language 96m (Anamorphic)
  • Uncut Italian Home Video Version - Italian with English Subtitles (Full Screen)
  • Interviews with stars
  • Exclusive Documentary
  • Special Edition Collector's booklet
  • Gallery
  • US Theatrical Version - Schizoid in English Language 96m (Anamorphic)
  • Uncut Italian Home Video Version - Italian with English Subtitles (Full Screen)
  • Fulci Trailer Reel
Price: $21.99

This kind of maddened, sense-heightened psychedelia is usually reserved for small tabs of paper put on your tongue. It's backed by a Lucio Fulci guarantee of "so fucked up you might as well start the therapy now". Boasts a brilliant soundtrack. I often think of this as a look inside the mind of a maniac well before he made The Beyond.

Excuse me miss... do you know where I might find a nice, shiny new lizard skin? Thank you ever so much.


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