Friday, July 13, 2012

ITALIAN HORROR WEEK GIVEAWAY: Diabolik DVD Scavenger Hunting Humans!!!

If there’s one thing that a themed week on a blog is good for, it’s giveaways and contests. Recently I announced that you would be able to participate in one of a few different ways to win swag from Dr. Terror during Italian Horror Week.  We’re not exactly going to make it easy for you to get our goodies, but I assure you it is in the proverbial “spirit of the game”.

Today we announce a bright and shiny new $50 gift card giveaway from the one, the only Diabolik DVD. If you are unfamiliar with this amazing DVD ecommerce website you best get the wax out of your goddamn eyeballs.  Diabolik DVD is the DVD store equivalent of Morgan Freeman from Shawshank Redemption; they’re a company that can get things or in this case amazing imported, hard to find, super special edition DVD’s from around the globe. WWW.DIABOLIKDVD.COM.  From the guys over at DD:

“Diabolik DVD is owned and operated by film buffs and collectors. We know what you want and how you want it treated. Fair prices, prompt and courteous e-mail replies to inquiries and a superb selection of merchandise are what you want and that is what we aim to provide.”

There are other places from which you might purchase your wares… sure… it’s the internet, but let me save you the time and trouble of searching for the BEST DAMN DVD SITE  on the web and tell you that these guys are committed to movie geeks. Speaking for experience, my orders are always quickly shipped, the selection is always the best you’ll find and when I have a question, they’re on the motherfucker.

So what does it take for you to win this $50 gift card to shop at the paramount, internet DVD retailer? You need to go on a scavenger hunt. Now there’s no need to worry about leaving your Mountain Dew lined hidey hole in the middle of your mama’s basement. You can complete the task at hand from your very own computer. First off, make sure that you go and “like” the Dr. Terror’s Blog of Horrors Facebook page HERE and the Diabolik DVD FaceBook Page HERE. This is how you’ll keep updated about all the goings on at both Diabolik DVD and Dr. Terror’s Blog of Horrors. This will be a requirement of entering. While you’re at it follow this blog (not a requirement of winning but we’d love for you to catch what we’ll be dishing out over the next week). MOST IMPORTANTLY: I want you to experience firsthand just how amazing this catalog is, so all of the items you’re going to need to find will be on the Diabolik DVD website. You will simply follow the clues below to obtain the item names exactly as they appear include any details about the release i.e. (Synapse) (PAL).

The clues will be questions regarding products that you will find on their website or a picture of part of the item. Once you’ve located the items on the list below, keep a list and make sure to record the full name as it appears on Diabolik’s website and then send them to your good ol’ pal Dr. Terror using the subject heading DIABOLIK DVD FOR PRESIDENT along with your name and address to I’ll tally your score. The top score is the winner. In the event of a tie we will enter the individuals with the same score into a random drawing for the top prize and you will be notified via email on Friday July 20th.Please remember to include your name and mailing address.

HERE ARE YOUR CLUES (not all films are Italian in origin):

1.       This movie was written by the same fella who directed Nightmares from 1983 and features “Nancy’s Daddy” who has been in more than one Italian classic.

2.       This flick features the star of the movie Thriller: A Cruel Picture showing off her birthday suit on the cover (that would be enough for most horn balls). Features the “Uncut Swedish Version” and portrays “the shocking account of a young NYMPHOMANIAC”.

3.       This next movie was directed by one of the idols of Chainsaw and Dave from Summer School and features a budding young actress who also starred in Amadeus. It spawned one of my favorite Fright Rags T-Shirts. Please note the name of the distro company when submitting the answer and either Blu-Ray or DVD is acceptable (you may just want to pre-order this one NOW!)

4.       This film’s special format and packaging features a cover that is very similar to Don’t Go Into the House and is an homage to 80’s slasher movies. You won’t find this particular cover on the packaging for this particular version. Make it a combo!  Also features Joe Bob Briggs’ Drive in Total.

       First off, you must be 18 Years or Older to Order this Title. This title features a triple feature and has a word on the front cover that is tattooed on my upper arm (gun show… get your tickets). Features uninterrupted play option and has a bible verse in the synopsis. Find out just how big that “stinger” really is.

6.       This movie is from the EuroShock Collection and will come up in our Italian Disco soundtrack special Feature later this week although  it won’t be the focus of that piece. Directed by Louis Fuller.Hint: Who is Louis Fuller?

7.       This collection of four movies contains a film that I strongly disagreed with on the Fangoria 300 retrospective review. I maintain to this day that a movie with the exact same title SHOULD be on the list and this one removed. It’s British and is billed as a Quadruple feature. One of the titles of in the collection might be a name that Gilligan would have uttered on that lost island post-3 hour tour.

8.       This Blu-Ray has been doing quite well at Diabolik Dvd. Perhaps the name has something to do with it since a famous director of one my absolute favorite films has just used part of the namesake of this spaghetti western. Director also did a gialli that I watched and gave a brief comment on in my You’ve Got Yellow On You update.

9.       This spoof takes aim at a Lovecraft classic and features Dr. Breast. Put out by Burning Angel and has a cover that’s just gloriously retro. When’s the last time you saw the long dead vaginally injected and laughed?

10.   Put out by Shameless and is lauded as the “ultimate video nasty” this edition features the Director’s New Edit.

11.   Photo Clue – Which movie is this?

12.   Photo Clue – Which movie is this?

13.   Photo Clue – Which book is this?

14.   Photo Clue – Which movie is this?

15.   Photo Clue – Which movie is this?

I wish you the best of luck in this endeavor although I do not envy the task you have before you. Stay tuned for other give ways, how to win the swag you deserve and make sure you pay attention to all the crazy happening during Italian Horror Week. During the week, if a movie is available on the Diabolik website we’ll make sure to include a link to that item either within the article or at the bottom of the article. If you’ve been putting off seeing that Italian Horror classic now is the time to get your shit together and order from the horror community. We have some articles that will blow out your brains, some that will eat your heart out and others that will make your years bleed. Special thanks to Diabolik DVD for allowing us to offer this amazing prize to the horror-verse.  Remember shop smart. Shop… um…. WWW.DIABOLIKDVD.COM and if you see these guys at your favorite horror convention make sure you stop by, browse their table and thank them for being a part of what’s right about horror. Tell ‘em lil ol’ me sent ya.

Make sure to share this giveaway with the folks that would benefit from it the most. Hard up friends in need of new Euro-spank material or that fella who STILL hasn’t seen Cannibal Holocaust because he’s afraid of the turtle munching scene.



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