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Have you ever stopped by the House of Mysterious Secrets? You know, the web store with more gore than your brain has room for? I can tell you that it is full of things of beauty. Everything from toys, replicas and facehugger plush toys to movie posters, movies and soundtracks at a very reasonable cost.   This is a store for horror fans made by horror fans with a passion for the genre. Kevin of House of Mysterious Secrets even contributed a heartwarming article for our Italian Horror Week.

Let’s get down to business first and, if there’s time, pleasure later. I’m here to let you know that HOMS has offered up some excellent items from their store to giveaway to you I-Horror fans (I suppose that’s Italian Horror right?).  Just what are we giving away? SIX AWESOME ITEMS!!! These are items that horror fans will love. Three reproduction posters and three soundtracks taken from the original works that are hard to find.


7 Doors of Death 11” x 17” Reproduction Poster

The Night of the Living Dead – Italian Poster 11” x17”

Make Them Die Slowly 11” x 17” Replica



Libra's classic soundtrack to the film Shock, one of the last productions for the great terror Maestro, Mario Bava. Ranging from Progressive rock to electronic experimentation to the lullaby theme for Marco, the child at the center of the plot. Contains 4 previously unreleased tracks from the master tapes 'Il Fantasma Suona Il Piano' (alternate piano solo long version), 'The Shock' (alternate movie version), 'Tema Di Marco' (alternate movie version) & 'Transfer IV' (alternate movie version).

Track listing:
    1    The Shock       
    2    L'Altalena Rossa       
    3    A)Transfert 1 B)Hypnos C)Transfert II       
    4    La Baia       
    5    A)la Cantina B)The Shock (Reprise)       
    6    A)Tema di Marco I B)Tema di Marco II       
    7    L'Incubo       
    8    Transfert III       
    9    Il Fantasma Suona il Piano       
    10    A)Transfert IV B)Tema di Marco II (Reprise)       
    11    Il Fantasma Suono il Piano Alternate Piano Solo Long Version       
    12    Shock, The Alternate Movie Version       
    13    Tema di Marco Alternate Movie Version       
    14    Transfer IV Alternate Movie Version

Please note: This CD is a burned copy taken directly from the master CD. 

Demons – The Original Soundtrack

1. Demon - Claudio Simonetti
2. Save Our Souls - Motley Crue
3. White Wedding - Billy Idol
4. Cruel Demon - Claudio Simonetti
5. We Close Our Eyes - Go West
6. Killing - Claudio Simonetti
7. Threat - Claudio Simonetti
8. Everybody Up - Saxon
9. Walking on the Edge - Rick Springfield
10. Dynamite - Scorpions
11. Send My Heart - The Adventures
12. Out of Time - Claudio Simonetti
13. Fast As A Shark - Accept
14. The Evil One - Claudio Simonetti
15. Demon (Reprise) - Claudio Simonetti
16. Pretty Maids - Night Danger (Bonus track, not on the original lp)

It took me nearly 15 years to find the original Demons soundtrack! It was only released on LP vinyl in Italy, but now thanks to modern technology, you can have this on CD.

Please note: This CD is a burned copy taken directly from the master 12 inch vinyl LP record.

Zombi Holocaust/Emanuelle E Gli Ultimi Cannibali

Track Listing
1. Make Love On The Wing (Vocal Version) (2:57)
2. Make Love On The Wing (Orchestral Version) (2:53)
3. Waiting For The Cannibals (2:48)
4. Wild Nightmare (2:30)
5. The Meal Is Over (2:16)
6. Make Love On The Wing (2nd Version) (2:54)
7. Make Love On The Wing II (2:56)
8. Cannibals At Work (:54)
9. Cannibals In Pursuit (1:04)
10. Make Love On The Wing (3rd Version) (2:12)
11. Cannibals' Dance (1:58)
12. The Dark Side Of The Soul (2:15)
13. The Dark Side Of The Soul II (2:49)
14. Fascinating Horror (2:06)
15. Theme From Zombi Holocaust (4:02)
16. From Another World (:44)
17. The Magic Is In Progress (1:22)
18. Zombie Parade (1:13)
19. Resurrection (1:36)
20. From The Beyond (1:20)
21. Living In The Future (:45)
22. Living In The Past (1:32)
23. A Dive Into The Past (4:11)
24. A Dive Into The Past II (:52)
25. Zombie Parade II (1:48)
26. A Dive Into The Past III (4:12)

Please note: This CD is a burned copy taken directly from the master CD.

Now what do you have to do to win these absolutely dashing items?  I wanna see just how creative you can be. Using your favorite paint program, photo editor, crayon, pencil… pick your poison, I would like you to recreate your favorite death from an Italian Horror movie. It can be gory. It can show nudity. It can be filthy! Just have fun and be creative. If you’d like to submit a couple, feel free to do so. Winners will be chosen by Friday July 20th and we’ll try to publish some of the better ones. These do not have to be works of art, but put some thought into. Make sure to include your name and mailing address.

Send your submissions to and use the title HOUSE OF MYSTERIOUS SECRETS IS FOR LOVERS. Feel free to leave a preference for which item you would like to win, however I cannot guarantee that you will receive that particular one. Show me your… art.



LATE NIGHT AT THE HORROR HOTEL (I love these fellas)

Good luck and don’t fuck this up.

Remember, go support HOUSE OF MYSTERIOUS SECRETS!!! Horror fans have a friend in these folks.



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