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ITALIAN HORROR WEEK: Have Your Own Italian Horror Week Movie Marathon on Netflix Instant Watch!

So Italian Horror Week has been melting your face off with its awesomeness all week huh? You’ve read everything there is to read but you still want more? Good. ENOUGH WITH READING! LET’S WATCH SOME HORROR!

But first more reading.

Luckily for all of us (most of us) with Netflix Instant Watch, there are plenty of Italian Horror movies ready and waiting to be watched.  Whether you’ve never seen a single movie being talked about this week, or own every movie being talked about, Netflix has you covered.  We’ve got movies from the big three (Argento, Fulci, and Bava), along with some other flicks that definitely deserve your attention.

Here’s a rundown of some of the best (or my favorites *cough*NudeForSatan*cough*) of what’s currently available on Netflix Instant Watch. I’ve included trailers and Netflix’s description for each. Check them all out or pick-and-choose!  Seriously, these trailers are amazing. They would be worth watching even if these movies weren’t at our fingertips. Gogogo!


In Dario Argento's horror classic jazz pianist Marcus Daly (David Hemmings) witnesses the murder of his neighbor, a psychic who had read the mind of her killer. Marcus soon teams up with a resourceful reporter (Daria Nicolodi), and the two set out to find the killer. After the professor (Glauco Mauri) Marcus called on for help turns up dead, Marcus realizes that he'll be the next to die if he can't track down the killer.


The second in Dario Argento's "Three Mothers" trilogy, Inferno focuses on a Manhattan apartment building that is inhabited by a deadly spirit that murders the tenants in increasingly gruesome and sadistic ways. When poet Rose discovers a book that suggests she's living in a building built for one of three evil sisters to rule the world, she pleads for her brother to visit her from Rome. But when he arrives, she's disappeared without a trace.


Sorry, no English trailer for this one.  Definitely still worth a watch!
Tomas Milian and Barbara Bouchet star in one of director Lucio Fulci's most disturbing horror films. In rural Sicily, Italy, a psychotic killer is on the rampage, performing a series of shocking child murders for which there are many suspects. Among the potential culprits are a gypsy, a prostitute and a priest, but despite the plethora of possible perpetrators, the gruesome case proves baffling.


In this 1963 trilogy of chilling tales, a beautiful woman's ex-lover terrorizes her, a father returns home a vampire, and a ghost haunts a nurse. The vampire story -- probably the most famous of the three -- stars a poignant Boris Karloff, who also plays host for the anthology. Italian horror impresario Mario Bava served as writer, director and cinematographer for the film, and composer Les Baxter serves up the martini-soaked lounge score.


At the height of World War II, the Nazis buried more than $6 million in gold in the Sahara Desert. Half a century later, Robert Blabert (Manuel Gélin) stumbles on the secret in his late father's diaries and sets out to find it, unaware of the dangers that await. Blabert discovers too late that zombies guard the fortune, reanimated corpses of the SS soldiers who died protecting it. France Jordan and Myriam Landson co-star.


"Giallo" refers to the controversial series of savage Italian suspense thrillers that shocked international audiences in the 1960s and 1970s. Director Antonio Bido delivers all of the sex, violence, and surprising twists the genre is known for in this story of two brothers -- a professor and a priest -- investigate a series of brutal murders. Can they get to the bottom of the slayings before their own traumatic childhood memories consume them?


In this "giallo" from director Aldo Lado, the daughter of a well-known sculptor is murdered. As the sculptor and his wife investigate, they discover that their knowledge puts them in grave danger, as the killer begins butchering everyone who knows too much. With the body count rising, can truth survive?


Blind retired detective Franco Arno (Karl Malden) overhears a strange conversation by two men outside a pharmaceutical company. When a series of killings occurs connected to the company's top secret research, Franco joins forces with a reporter (James Franciscus) to catch a killer with an extra chromosome. Catherine Spaak also appears in this traditional mystery from typically flamboyant horror director Dario Argento.


No, this isn’t the trailer. Yes, it is the whole movie. If you watch this entire movie we are warbound.
Cast by her movie-director husband (Urbano Barberini) to play the legendary witch Levana, popular actress Anne (Florence Guérin) suffers distressing nightmares about her new role. But when Levana actually comes alive and begins slaughtering the cast and crew, only Anne can stop her. Featuring an array of arresting imagery, this highly atmospheric horror film pays homage to filmmaker Dario Argento's masterpiece, Suspiria.


When a doctor (Stelio Candelli) and a young lady (Rita Calderoni) are involved in a car crash, the doctor seeks medical aid at a nearby gothic castle, which he finds inhabited by both his and her darker halves. The two soon encounter their doppelgangers -- and much more. It appears the castle is also full of ghouls and monsters led by Satan himself. Lesbianism, sadomasochism and plenty of nudity make this a classic of 1970s sleaze.

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