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Horror Rises from Spain is an internet radio program featuring classic, new, European and world wide horror cinema. The group is comprised of Elena Anele: your host, webmaster and news provider, Rubén Iñiguez Pérez: Short of the Month man in charge and Dan Fisher: graphic designer and occasional poem reader. They are not without a sense of humor but provide some of the most comprehensive coverage of our beloved genre in the form of in depth discussion and interviews that make our hearts grow fonder. 

Recently Elena Anele contacted me after hearing about our Italian Horror Week and she was gracious enough to allow us to repost an interview with the great Italian composer and the man who has given audio to some of the best known works in the genre, Mr. Fabio Frizzi. One of my idols. Definitely a hero to composers and to the horror community. For this we are eternally grateful and honored. Horror Rises from Spain has always held a special place in my heart. Make sure to drop by their website and give a big thank you HERE

Here's a bit more on Mr. Frizzi for those who may not be in the know. Fabio Frizzi is an Italian film composer who is best known for his work on some of Lucio Fulci's most popular films. Alongside Claudio Simonetti, Frizzi has been celebrated as leading an audio renassaince during the late 70's and early 1980's with regard to his use of dissonant notes and drone alongside minor arpeggios to achieve a haunting, disjointed sound. This is his signature and his legacy to students of horror scoring and composers in general. Some of his more popular works include The Beyond, Zombie 2 and City of the Living Dead (a personal favorite of mine). 

Here's the interview from Horror Rises from Spain.

Please sample some for Frizzi's beautiful and haunting compositions below.

If you'd like to offer thanks or comments to Horror Rises from Spain please email them at and make sure you keep your eyes out for new material. You'll get an education and be able to keep up with the latest news in world horror.

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  1. The Maestro of Pasta Rhythms meets the Siren of Spanish Cinema! Great post!