Tuesday, July 17, 2012

ITALIAN HORROR WEEK IN 3-D: Put Your Glasses on NOW!

Disclaimer: Not Vegan or Vegetarian Friendly. 
Disclaimer Part 2: Not friendly at all!!!

If this is your first time tuning into Dr. Terror’s Blog of Horrors you may be unfamiliar with our how we celebrated Samhain this year. Dr. Terror’s 3D Halloween went off swimmingly. Three full dimensions of gore, blood, guts and nudity. What more could you ask for? Well what if we featured 3D images from some of your favorite Italian Horror films? We have done just that. I urge you to break out the ol’ anaglyphic, cyan and red glasses and take a gander at the composites we have put together for your viewing amusement.

Many of you will say that this is a gimmick much like the current trend to put every goddamn film in 3D in the movie theater to up charge us for abysmal movies. Readers, let me assure you that we will not be up selling you on this entry in Italian Horror Week. It’s just as free as the last one. These images have been created to entertain you, to perk up your nostalgia glands and most importantly to give you the kind of gore you won’t see at the megaplex down the street.This certainly isn't Dracula 3-D. This is Dr. Terror's 3-D.

Leave comments below. Let us know which ones are your favorites. Which ones work for you. Which ones don’t. It’s really a unique experience for each viewer I’m afraid, so my apologies in advance if you don’t have the right set of eyeballs to view them. Also note that you might give your eyes a chance to adjust to the three dimensions. They will, you know. While creating this compendium I would remove the glasses from time to time and see nothing but a a blue and red haze. I would imagine it was quite a bit like seeing through the eyes of the Man With the X-Ray Eyes.

Here are your instructions for optimal viewing:
Some tips for viewing before you peruse this gallery:
1. Viewing distance is best from just around two feet from your computer screen.
2. The room you are in should be dark.
3. Double click the image to enlarge it. This might take you out of the browser or into a new tab, but, for the most part, the larger the image the better the 3D effect will work.
4. If you are getting some doubling effects try to adjust your eyes. It's also possible that we have different size heads and different facial measurements. Everyone's a unique snowflake.Also try moving closer and farther away from the screen to simulate motion. Some 3D effects are more subtle than others.
5. Have fun. Show your friends. Get grossed out. Vomit frequently to avoid fainting.

Remember to use anaglyphic 3-D glasses... Blue/Cyan over the right eye. Red over the left eye.

Here are the links to our previous efforts in three horrifying dimensions:

and now, we control the horizontal, we control the vertical, we control your depth of field!

To give you cats a heads up, the next time we do a 3D blog will be for Halloween this year for DR. TERROR’S 3D HALLOWEEN PART 2 (to be named shortly but will not be the Electric Boogaloo as has been rumored by some of our contributors). We will also be continuing the tradition of the Exhumed Films 24 Hour Horror-thon Recap in three dimensions. This year our goal is to try and write down all the shorts, trailers and give a more complete recap of the opening statements which I adore because Dan Fraga is a friggin’ awesome fella whose comedic presence is almost as potent as his showmanship.

If you have a project that you’d like me to do 3D work for simply contact me at Also send your address for a complimentary pair of DR. TERROR’S 3D HALLOWEEN PART 2 3-D GLASSES!!! Get ‘em in now while you remember.


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