Monday, July 16, 2012


It’s no secret that the Doc is a fan of Mondo Macabro. I love horror flicks from around the globe and these guys know how to put out an amazing release of a film that I may not have seen in years. Very often Mondo Macabro is putting out movies that have fallin’ by the way side in my pursuit of obscure flicks. I consider them my DVD wake up call. There are a few distro companies out there that you’ll see me promote (and yes, you’ll be sure to see another one if you look at our giveaways this week), and I’m happy to let you guys in on a very special giveaway.

We have a total of six gorgeous Mondo Macabro, Italian Horror DVD’s to giveaway this week.

The Killer Must Kill Again

Mill of the Stone Women

The Girl in Room 2A

We’ll be giving away 2 sets of 3 DVD’s (that means you get a copy of each of these). Stop by, give Dr. Terror’s Blog of Horrors FaceBook page a “like” and Mondo Macabro too! After that, all you have to do is an answer a few questions (see below) and send them over to me at with the subject line MONDO MACABRO CONQUERS THE WORLD. I’ll announce the winners Friday July 20th, however we may extend if response demands it.  Winners will be judged on the merit of their responses, accuracy and overall feel of the responses. I’m looking for people who really love them some Italian cinema. People who wanna show their red, white and green. Make sure to send us your name and address so we know where to mail these fine movies. 


1.       What’s your favorite Mondo Macabro title?
2.       What movie that has not been released on DVD/Blu-Ray would you like to see released?
3.       What is your favorite Spanish title in the Mondo Macabro catalogue
4.       If Lady Terminator was to have a sequel, what would the title be and give a brief synopsis of the plot?
5.       Which movie in the Mondo Macabro catalogue is guilty of having the distinction to the be the only Pakistani film ever to be rated “X” in its country of origin?

Please answer all questions (I want to eat… um… pick your brains). Make sure to stop by the MONDO MACABRO website at and view their catalog for help with these answers and to make some new purchases.

Thanks in advance to Mondo Macabro for participating in this giveaway and allowing us to treat you to some classic Italian cinema.

-Dr. Terror

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