Friday, July 13, 2012


Benvenuti a settimana horror italiano!  

I’d say that we have such sights to show you, but that just wouldn’t be the spirit of the game… Hellraiser’s country of origin is all wrong for this themed week.  Let me first say thank you for stopping by to read what we’ve put together for ya’ll. There are a number of contributors this week who write for an extensive of list of other publications, design artwork for a variety of websites and an assortment of companies that have offered up their wares to be given away to individuals who want to put forth a wee bit of effort. Please stop by their respective blogs, listen to their podcasts and purchase their fine, horror related products, Italian or not. They’ve put forth great effort out of the goodness of their hearts and out of their adoration for horror and specifically Italian related cinema. We’ve made new friendships along the way. We’ve invented things that did not previously exist in the consciousness of man. We’re standing on the backs of zombies.

 The key here is to have fun. Feel free to comment on all the articles. Let these folks know your thoughts and share your own stories about Italian Horror. We’re all on reading this now because we have a collective experience in our past that tells us that green, white and red makes for a bloody, gory time. Let’s continue that great tradition by participating in giveaways/contests, giving praise to the contributors and not spoiling the fun for those who have worked off their dorsal fins. Most articles will be up by noon on any given day. Giveaways should be up by 10 am EST just in time for brunch or your bowl of Fruit Loops.

Each day during Italian Horror Week we will be posting a variety of articles. Pay attention to the writing/creating credits to make sure you’re paying the proper respects to the authors you love. The greatest thing you can do to respect them is to stop by their own creative ventures and follow them as well. You’ll find links where appropriate.  You can expect the giveaways to come early in the week, six in all. We want to give you time to participate in the festivities. Follow the directions and no one gets their eye poked out by a splinter, okay?  Some days may include more content then others. Our giveaways are scheduled to end and winners announced on Friday, July 20th. If we have a low participation we may need to extend that date slightly. See that that doesn’t happen by entering at all costs and sharing them on your respective social networking platform.  Some of these involve creative endeavors and we’d love to share the results with the readers.

With few exceptions, none of us are scholars on the subject of Italian Horror. We share and write about it out of love. If there be inaccuracies in a statement made, please be gentle. We’re hoping to make this an annual event, so you might be on the list of contributors next year. We’d love for you to join us. No positive offer of contribution will be refused.

Now a little bit about why we’re doing this, the origins of Italian Horror Week and why we are continuing the tradition here on the Dr. Terror’s Blog of Horrors. Two years ago a new acquaintance of mine was kind enough to let me participate in my first Italian Week on the I wrote about my adoration for 7 Doors of Death, Lucio Fulci and the mom and pop video store that turned me on to this style of film. It wasn’t technically proficient. I had no idea what I was doing (still don’t), but I had a blast writing it with a bottle or two (or six) of Peroni in my hand. After that event I started writing this blog which has become one of the great creative endeavors of my life. I enjoy writing and sharing with you. I like being part of the collective experience of the horror community at its best and worst moments. So the following year I participated in the Bloodsprayer’s Italian Week again only this time I went gung ho and wrote a piece on a “all you can eat buffet” of Italian cannibal films. During that research process I realized that Italian Horror had made a special home in my half devoured heart. It was my passion or at least it was one of many passions of mine. It became increasing clear what I had to do; I had to start my own week that would embrace this country’s contributions to the genre I call favorite. That is where we stand today after some long nights, technological wrangling and more than a few drops of blood spilled.

I urge you to stop by each day from now until Friday, July 20th and enjoy this as much as we have enjoyed creating it for you. There should be something for every taste. Music and movies, independent cinema and time tested Directors who reputations proceed them. I hope you find this educational. I hope you find yourself half way around the world on a Vespa saying “Caio” to everyone you meet. I hope you find yourself in your local liquor store stocking up on Moretti or Peroni beer or perhaps something stronger.  Tonight I will be traveling to the Forum Theater in New Jersey to watch Lamberto Bava’s Demons and the Bronx Warriors directed by the great Enzo Castellari. It’s a real treat to have the good fortune of spending this opening night of our festivities with Italian Horror loving dorks like me. The synchronicity is uncanny.  I’ll report back on this experience at a later date. Hopefully, we’ll find a Metropol in small town Jersey.

Take care. Beware. Take Care… You ungodly warlocks, you.

-Dr. James Terror

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  1. Yay! Cant wait to see all of the entries! It's gonna be awesome!