Monday, July 30, 2012

YOU'VE GOT YELLOW ON YOU: The Vacation is Over

Time to get back to work. We're going to nail this challenge to the wall before long I can feel it. Well before Italian Horror Week started I was watching a bunch of really classy gialli and will summarize them here. Also note that we have a new banner for the Giallo Challenge courtesy of the illustrious Frank Browning.

Thanks Frank for being ever supportive of the crazy antics of the Doctor.

On with the commentary (as if you really read this shit anyway).

EYE WITNESS- While this may be a Lamberto Bava movie it's still a made for TV movie. The version I watched was a VHS rip which didn't reinforce any notes of quality in the picture. Still, violent with an amazing synth drone score by Simon Boswell carries this picture. You'll notice Barbara Capisti starring in this one who was in everything from Stage Fright to Cemetery Man. It's worth the watch.

EYEBALL - The great Umberto Lenzi (quickly becoming my favorite Italian director) puts out a fine mystery with a dark surreal cult in the forefront. Gouging out eyeballs is an exceptionally effective way to give an audience the heebies. This is a sexy and far out film with awesome awesome awesome music. A classic to be sure. Make sure you keep your eyes out for women getting slapped. It's absolutely a trope from the giallo genre.

DOUBLE FACE - I love movies that end with a car crash and the word Fin. Nothing says foreign movie to me like those two items. Add Klaus Kinski and Lesbians and you'd think I'd have the perfect damn movie. I don't. Not even close. Besides the typical 70's, avant garde film music and a touch of intrigue and mystery this is a real sleeper... sexy bathing lesbians aside.

ETRUSCAN KILLS AGAIN - While I love the name I can't say I'm a huge fan of the movie. The print was beautiful from a beat up film print perspective. Dust and scratches. I eat this shit up. If you must know why I found a bit of interest in this film that wasn't all too interesting to me you need look no further than the cast. John Marley who got the infamous horse head in the bed from the Godfather and Samantha Eggar who gave birth to a brood of strange emotional beings in Cronenberg's classic. She's stunning and hearing him say just about anything outside of his diatribe about the budding young starlet in the Godfather to Tom Haggen is a real trip. Was that Ron Burgandy driving that car (you'll see exactly what I mean). Stick around to some fairly titillating murder sequences set to symphonic chaos.

Not much this week, but we're working on getting out a new batch of films shortly. We're way off pace. Time to do some catching up. I smell rainy day marathon.


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