Friday, August 17, 2012


For a little while now I have been planning and scheming and creating in the shadows. Behind closed browser windows. I was modifying some album covers from one of my favoritest bands of all time, the Beatles. Yes, you like them too (or don't like them at all). It's okay to like good popular music from over forty years ago. But the Beatles are soooo done, right? Let's put that to the test.

Last year I created a piece of fan art for a little contest called the HALLOWEEN HORROR MOVIE MARATHON MADNESS. The MADNESS is a horror movie watching competition complete with point system, special point movies and complete and total anarchy. I'm not only a former Madness contestant I'm also a judge this year (which is just silly if you think about it long enough). So back to last year... I modded the Texas Chainsaw Massacre poster and did some serial killer esque cut and paste action. Well I adore creating little cut and paste projects, matching fonts and altering the past with my own delicate bits of insanity thrown in. The head of the aforementioned contest Elizabeth Katherine Gray asked if I might continue the tradition.

This year's theme is Classic Creature and Vampire Feature. When we were discussing the theme for this year it really came up that Night of the Living Dead and Psycho were seen as the break off point from traditional monster related movies. Now that's debatable and we do enjoy a good debate, but it had me thinking that the OTHER big thing in the 60's besides Psycho... besides Night of the Living Dead were the Beatles. You can see how the two tie together now right? No? Better not to analyze it too much and enjoy the album covers below. It is by no means complete. Some albums were just bad mods (some of them below weren't my favorite to modify).

In no particular order (although the two top pics happen to be on top):

So after all that you all were asked to vote on which one was your favorite over on the Dollar Bin Horror (proud sponsor of THE MADNESS). The winner was A Horror Day's Night with runner up Let Them Be. I'm glad it was such a success and now with the voting over I hope you enjoy them here. Please leave comments and let me know which ones are your favorites. I'm a glutton for feedback. and shhhhh.... Nobody tell Yoko what I've been doing or she'll kick me out of the band or sue the pants off of me.

Personal favorites were Sgt. Pepper, Yellow Submarine and Magical Mystery Tour.I'm still not sure how I created some of these especially using a track pad on a lap top late at night with only my Mountain Dew to guide me home.


Note: and yes I've seen the Franks album cover and adore it. I hadn't seen it before create the Meet the Beatles parody, but I was familiar with a the Frank Zappa Sgt. Pepper parody which I adore.

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