Friday, August 31, 2012

V/H/S Poster from Magnet Releasing Could Be YOURS!!!

So with the release of V/H/S on VOD today we want to offer you, via Magnet Releasing (in all their wisdom, pomp and their festive good nature) a chance to win a little something. See full details below from Magnet Releasing. These guys have been knocking it out of the park this year.

Make sure you read my review of V/H/S HERE on THE LIBERAL DEAD. Remember that it's a choose your own adventure review and can take you to some fun places if you let it.

From the good folks at Magnet Releasing:

V/H/S is now on available on VOD and for its VOD release we want to run a fun contest where your users "show us their tapes!" It's simple to way to win a VHS poster. We just need people to tweet to following  "Hey @MagnetReleasing, I want to win a #VHSmovie @DrJimmyTerror prize, feast your eyes on this #showusyourtapes" and tweet pic for their favorite VHS Tape.

Check out the trailer:

Go enjoy the movie and hopefully the poster. It's on VOD everywhere you can fucking think of, you filthy animals.


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