Saturday, September 1, 2012

Oooo Baby I Wanna Go... To the HUDSON HORROR SHOW (666)

We have this conversation twice a year and each time we just don't know if I'm actually going to show up to the damn thing, but I'll tell you this. I enjoy every minute that I'm at the Hudson Horror Show and I enjoy simply knowing that it exists. I've missed the last two due to some family obligations. I hope to make this one. I make no promises. One thing I want to impress upon you is that it is absolutely vital that you make the effort to go. HERE'S WHY!!! (dramatic, yes?)

I had the pleasure of going to the Exhumed Films Horror-thon three years ago now (my first one). At that show they closed out with Re-animator in beautiful 35mm. It was incredible. I must admit that walking into that movie I was only a passing Re-animator fan. I had watched it repeatedly on television all cut to ribbons and without all the "goodies", so it never stuck the way some of the less graphic, censored shit from TV played out in my brain. These 35mm print marathons can truly change your lives. This is proof and their showing it December fucking 1st.

Also includes a mystery movie, The Devils' Rain (RIP Mr. Borgnine), Conan (on the coat tails of Action Week from Back on Line. Back on Duty), Switchblade Sisters (which I haven't seen but want to badly)... oh and Phantasm fucking II. They previously showed Phantasm and I missed it, now part II... the better one in my humble opinion.

Below if the full release from Chris Alo who supports horror and you should support him and his awesome event.

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From the great Chris Alo who does amazing things in the great state of New York in the name of horror and more importantly in the name of 35MM ENTERTAINMENT!!!

Like the unstoppable monster that just keeps coming back for sequels, the Hudson Horror Show is alive and coming for your very soul! The latest installment of the area’s best film festival for classic horror and exploitation films will be Hudson Horror 666 taking place at the Silver Cinemas South Hills 8 in Poughkeepsie NY on December 1st 2012. We will present six feature length films, all off vintage 35mm film prints, with tickets still only $26.00 in brianbollbach@gmail.comadvance.

Switchblade Sisters, from legendary director Jack Hill (Foxy Brown, Spider Baby) tells the story of the Dagger Debs, a tough-as nails, inner-city gang of snarling girls, who are put to the test as they go up against their drug-dealing rivals. This simmering slice of exploitation is one of Quentin Tarrantino’s all time favorite movies.

The Devil's Rain from director Robert Fuest (The Abominable Dr. Phibes) is one of the best examples of the “Satanic Panic” films of the 70's. An all-star cast, rounded out by William Shatner, Tom Skerrit, Eddie Albert and future Scientologist John Travolta, tells the story of a 200 year old Satanic priest, (played by the legendary, late Ernest Borgnine), who leads a coven of ultra creepy, empty-eye socket, hooded slaves. Borgnine's half ram, half man and the infamous “meltdown” scene makes this a horror classic, you don't want to miss!

Following on the heels of our screening of Don Coscarelli's creepy masterpiece, Phantasm, we are striking back with the even more incredible Phantasm 2! With a bigger budget, more gruesome effects, more action, and more of the Tall Man's deadly silver balls, Phantasm 2 emerged as one of the best sequels of any horror franchise. Unfortunately not many caught Phantasm 2 in its original theatrical run, so we are very proud to present an ultra rare screening of this horror classic.

Crom! The Cimmerian War God laughs at you as he brings his wrath down with vengeance in Arnold Schwarzenegger’s breakout role. Forget the crappy watered down CGI modern remake, the original Conan the Barbarian delivers more blood, blades and boobs than most vintage slasher films. Come celebrate with us the 30th anniversary screening of this ultraviolent masterpiece!

Just when you thought things couldn't get any better, reigning over our 12 to 13 hours of mind-bending cinema, will be the one and only Re-Animator! Stuart Gordon's chunk blowing tribute to H.P. Lovecraft, ReAnimator, will cast its green glow over the screen of the Silver Cinema. Starring Jeffrey Combs as one of fandom’s most beloved mad scientists, Re-Animator has it all; gore galore, talking heads and the most insane oral sex scene ever committed to celluloid, Hudson Horror is proud to present this rare screening of the unrated version of Re-Animator.

On top off all that, in celebration of our 6th show and our third year of film programming, we present a 6th bonus mystery movie. That’s five movies for the price of six! Six full length features for only $26.00! What will the mystery movie be? You’ll want to be at Silver Cinemas on December 1st to find out!

We will have the usual shorts, drive in trailers, vendors, giveaways, trivia questions and usual nonsense that make Hudson Horror so much fun. We’ll have just a few vendor spots for HH666, if you are interested in selling or promoting your wares, or if you just have questions regarding our show, send us an email to Get your tickets early for Hudson Horror Show 666, and we’ll see you on December 1st, 2012!

Chris Alo

Hudson Horror Show

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