Friday, November 16, 2012

Cat in the Brain from Grindhouse Releasing (DVD Review)... aka I Love

Cat in the Brain from Grindhouse Releasing as with all Grindhouse Releasing discs is a smorgasbord of thoughtful extras. It’s the premier edition of Cat in the Brain aka Nightmare Concert.  Many of us remember trying to pick up movies like Cat in the Brain via obviously pirated, poor VHS duplicates via any number of assorted mail order catalogs. It was really the only way to affordably see a movie like this Lucio Fulci classic. I myself didn’t even get to check it out until the last couple of years for that very reason. The times they are a changing due to companies like Grindhouse Releasing putting out superior releases in both quality and substance.

For those of unfamiliar with Cat in the Brain here’s a trailer to wet your palette:

If you haven’t seen Cat in the Brain your missing out on a truly gory, modern Fulci picture that is post-Fulci hey day. It even stars the late director. Filled with humor and blood and guts and Fulci, Cat in the Brain is oft overlooked by the casual horror fan as a movie that doesn’t have the notoriety of movies like The Beyond or Zombie. I can assure you that this film is right up there with the greatest Lucio efforts and really is a great way to become more familiar with the man who was Fulci and not just the legendary director.  Enjoy the splatter.

During Italian Horror Week last year, Ted Brown offered up his thoughts on Cat in the Brain HERE. Make sure to check ‘em out and learn how he fell in love with it. I even took a stab at it for my You've Got Yellow on You, Giallo Challenge (that I failed at... at least in ONE YEAR!!!). Check that out HERE

Now that we’ve basically offered both Fulci (no matter how dead) and Cat in the Brain a rim job but never offered up why we would most certainly be willing to offer the reach around as well. What would the Grindhouse Releasing afford you that you might not find on other releases or your pirated VHS copy? Well it’s two whole discs of material. A full on hi-def transfer featuring the uncut, director’s version. Both English and Italian versions are present.  It contains interviews with both Bret Hallsey and Lucio Fulci. Footage of the 1996 appearance of Lucio Fulci at the New York City Fango Weekend of Horrors described by many as heroic. The packaging and cover art are well preserved, gorgeous representations of the original poster art and also contains a fucking amazing booklet including writing by Antonella Fulci, Eli Roth and horror novelist David J. Schow. It’s a nice package with a lot in side to fill your gorehound heart with blood and love.

You can pick up the Grindhouse Releasing version of Cat in the Brain HERE. It’s currently being distributed by CAV Distributing who’s complete catalog is available HERE.  Make sure to spend some time on the Grindhouse Releasing website as well and pay your respects to the late Sage Stallone, champion of the horror nerd. We miss ya. Lots.

As a Fulci fan and a horror fan and fan of good packaging and bonus features, this is the friggin’ jimmy jam.

-Dr. TERROR… howlin’ and a screamin’ just like a cat or a victim in a Fulci flick.


  1. I was SO PUMPED when I found this DVD. It's totally bananas.