Tuesday, November 13, 2012

City of the Dead aka Horror Hotel... Still Thrilling. Still Chilling on DVD

The Thrills. The Chills of Witchcraft Today… Absolutely. There’s no doubt in my mind that The City of the Dead or Horror Hotel to the American audience is one of the creepiest damn flicks to come out of Great Britain during any era. The Brits know how to make witchcraft look terrifying. Night of the Demon for example. Take out the ridiculous looking demon and you have one eerie picture that just… might… feel… real. If that doesn’t wet your whistle then maybe the Devil Rides Out would do you one better (also starring Christopher Lee). If the movie doesn’t get you the score will. Now I’ve always known this picture as Horror Hotel and ever box set of the “50 Greatest X” movies seems to include it when really this movie deserved its own full release and was badly in need of some special features. This is the DVD you’ve been waiting for horror fans.

We have a reason to look no further than VCI who has put out a comprehensive collector’s edition of The City of the Dead featuring the original British edition with 2 minutes plus of footage that you won’t see in the Americas. We haven’t really come so far from our Puritanical ancestors have we? Chris Lee backs it up with commentary. There’s even a 45 minute interview with the master himself, Christopher Lee, an interview with Director John Moxey and Venetia Stevenson (this was her first outing). Lots of extras. This is for the fans.

My only complaint… not my favorite cover/poster art for this one. There’s a delicious photo gallery inside though.

Pick it up. See it how it was meant to be seen (at least in a digital format) and don’t rely on bad transfers any longer. Having only previously seen this on the aforementioned box set special, this was a real treat for me.

You can find my full write up on Horror Hotel HERE.

 You can buy The City of the Dead HERE and make sure to check out the rest of the VCI offerings HERE.

Check in to Horror Hotel!


Note: Fans of Rob Zombie… some of the quotes from this one will sound very familiar. Watch the movie then relisten to Dragula. 

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